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Jul 16, 2006
20150 Mc Carty Rd. Deerfield, Michigan 49238
I washed both bikes this morning and was busy with the brush cutter when cleaning under the east pasture fence and took a break when I heard a motorcycle coming down the road. It was an odd sound, sort of sounding like the guy across the road when he had a bad muffler on his Ford 150 pickup. It was getting nearer and louder. Lo and behold, Brother-in-law Bart pulls in the drive. Of course the bike was covered with dust, remember I live on a dirt road where the speed limit on bikes is about 1 mile per hour (for the locals).

Me thinks I'll just keep the stock pipes and maybe dispense with the cat box. The TORS sound, well, different:(

Bart wanted to go for a ride but I declined. Instead I offered a grilled steak, grilled on real charcoal, I don't do that bottled gas sissy stuff, besides, I ain't eat'in no steak that got asphyxiated with gas. So I got the coals going, added a little Mesquite, and laid on a couple of T-Bones, Amy made condiments and we all chowed down. I was going to take a few pictures of the bike, but it looked like a farm tractor back from a dusty field so I didn't.

We ate like good Americans, sat around and told lies and Bart left a little awhile ago. I think he actually stopped by to sit on my bike with the Classic seat and the CruiserBag. He's ordering a new, Classic seat on Monday for his standard. He told me his standard R3 2 piece seat wasn't worth squat. I'll agree. I sat on his and the kick up is right in my tail bone.

Anyway Bart, if you read this, thanks for stopping. I like staying home on a holiday. Everyone around here goes away and it's real quiet, just like the country.:D


Mar 8, 2006
Body:West Central Missouri, Mind: Yes I are.

Sounds like a good time got my mouth watering.:bch:

I too cook on charcoal and add either hickory, fruit wood or mesquite. Using charcoal really makes a difference, one my brother took note of on his last visit. We had one inch thick rib-eyes that night,....mmmmmmmmmm.

Amy made condiments? Wow, you mean like Catsup, mustard, and mayonnaise,........kewl!!!!:)