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Jul 16, 2006
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Now that I've "introduced myself" in the other forum, it's down to "nuts and bolts".

I've read with much interest about the lowers, seems as though I need a set as the hard shelled bugs seem to like my kneecaps.

I have a National Cycle summer screen on my T100 that's cracked at the upper mounting holes much to my dismay. I also see that the windscreen on my new R3 is NC also. I've had various conversations with NC in Chicago about a replacement for the summer screen on the T100 and all I get from them is to "contact Triumph". I don't want a warranty screen I want to buy a NEW replacement screen from them. I'm wondering what, if any satisfaction I'll get if the screen on the R3 is problematic. I've contacted Clearview and they seem very willing to sell me a replacement screen for the T100 and I see they also do replacement screens for the R3. Anyone have any experiences good or bad with Clearview?:confused:

Now, on the bar ends.
When I got the bike home I noticed that the bar end on the stationary grip was about 1/8" away from the grip while the bar end on the rotating grip was flush. Upon disassembly, I found that the insert on the stationary side was welded at the bar end while the other side was about 1/8" inset. My solution was to remove the insert from the bar end and face off 1/8" of the boss. I also had to bore the bar end itself so that it would actually fit over the o.d. of the handlebar. Now, both ends are flush and it looks much more finished. I noticed at the dealership that the other R3's on the floor suffered from this misalignment too.:mad:
Hello again Flip,
I, as well as others here have clearview screens. I have a "tall" one without a vent flap(I'm 6'4"). A GT-25 is the model #. I really like it and so far no signs of fatigue with 1,300 miles. I also put on lower air deflectors made by Triumph. Love them. A must install if you got a wind shield IMHO

This thread has another lower air deflector testimonial:

Interesting about the bar ends and lack of tolerance between bikes. Thanks for the solution Flip. We have a lot of do-it-yourself'ers here.
ClearView Works

After seeing Hondax's ClearView....... I ordered the GT-25. I also sit very high and wanted something that deflected more of the bugs and wind. I was lucky enough to order mine before it was made so I chose to add the air vent built into the shield. It's a 4 position vent that really helps on these hot dog days of summer. Closes nicely when it's chilly out. It's centered left to right and directly above the chrome cross member.

In response to your bar ends...... I had one that didn't close all the way after a trip to the Triumph dealer for service. I simply took out the extra washer ( that's what it looked like to me) and everything was fine. Like Pig9r, I switched to Thottlemeister cruise bar ends and all is right with the world.
I didn't have any wahers per se' in mine. Basically, all I had was the top cover, 2 rubber doughnuts with a furrule and the center shouldered insert with a boss. On the non-throttle end, the bar end was contacting the end of the bar so I bored the end to clear the bar and faced off the insert to allow for the discrepancy. Owning a machine shop has it's advantages. I have made some neat things for my Bonnieville and the sidecar. I'll have to turn my attention to the R3. I see a stainless heat shield coming for the pipes below the passangers footpegs. My wife left part of her shoe heel on the pipe sunday on our maiden voyage to breakfast at BE's.

I've e-mailed Clearview and am awaiting their brochure.