Paul Hyland

Dec 29, 2006
League City TX
Asked in a different thread but didn't get much response so I thought I'd start a thread on it.
Question, Will I get any benefit from removing the baffles out of the exhaust. (Besides more noise)

I had the baffles out of my old Yamaha, and the ole' seat-of-the-pants dyno told me that there was an increase in performance... as well as noise.

I'd suggest pulling the mufflers off and giving it a try... you can always put them back on if you don't like'em.

My 'not even remotely mechanical' 2cents.
If you are talking about removing the baffles from the stock mufflers, from what I understand, its not so easy. It requires a very long drill bit or drill bit extenders and it appears to be an all or none operation... ie there is no putting it back together after you do it. I would think you would end up with some home made TOR's that actually might be louder and sound wierd.

I remember someone doing this back over on TRat and they weren't real happy with it. Has anyone here tried removing the stock baffles?

When the Rocket first came out in the fall of 2004 there were no aftermarket exhausts except for the TOR's, and many people thought those were too loud. What some folks did was to buy one or two of the TOR's and run them with the stock pipes. I did that... I used one TOR and two stockers. It made for a medium loudness and I didn't dyno it but it may have picked up a couple of extra ponies. I still have that one TOR around somewhere.:D
I'm Baffled

Paul.... I've got Staintune exhaust and just took the baffles out. It was fairly easy because they have a hole on the inside of each pipe with a single set screw. The baffle was a bit stubborn to get out but a long, slender needle nose got to it. Took about 30 seconds per.

Staintune says taking them out makes the sound go from 93db to 98db. I did notice the increase and swear it gave me a little more "Umph" with the throttle all the way through the gears. What I didn't like was on long rides at 3,000 rpm - the noise got to be a bit much. A lot like what Tomo says about the Mad Dogs.

Luckily I can put the baffles back in just as easy. We'll see. Right now this Global Warming is freezing my rear end ...... and that's a lot of real estate my friend.
Paul I would just save your money and get an aftermarket set. I have yet to hear a stock muffler, from any bike that has been hacked on, that didn't sound like a fart box.
No muff to tough

Seeing as I'm retired now, I'll just leave the stock pipes on. Interestingly, Bart put the TORS on his R3 and told me it sounds like a 70 Buick Electra 225 with a hole in the muffler. Basically I guess it sounds like ****te.

Where did Neuron go with his set? He had the headers and muffs and it was sharp.