Back from the wild West!


Standard Bore
Mar 30, 2006
Yo Gang,

Ellen and I made it back from are 5,100+ mile motorcycle trip out west. We made it as far north as the Four Corners area and spent a night in Cortez, Col. We went to the so call Aztecs ruins, Canyon DeCelly, Ship Rock, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and the Carlsbad Cavern, to name a couple stops. We didn’t make the Grand Canyon, as a big storm came up over Flagstaff as we where headed that way. The storm had 70 mph winds with lightening and rain. We turned around just before Winslow, AZ and ended up spending the night in Holbrook, AZ. The storm chased us southeast to Rozwell and the Carlsbad Cavern. The cavern goes 750 ft. under the earth, but they have an escalader to take you out of the cave, which makes it easy on the customer.

TX is TX and it goes on forever, coming east out of Carlsbad, but we finally made Natchez, MS and the parkway headed northeast. We ran that for ½ a day till we hit 82 going back southeast again, as another storm was to the north on the Trace. The roads through AL into Northwest Florida where care free till we got on I-75 way north of Tampa.

So we ran 5100+ miles on the Rocket3 and burned a 129+ gallons of gas and averaged over 39+ MPG from 09/29/06 till 10/13/06 on the trip to the wild west.

Wow!!! That sounds like an incredible ride. Any pics???

Those dang Rockets are going all over the place... it might just end up as touring bike of the year :D.
Very nice ride Freddie,if I'd of known you were coming thru I would have escorted you for a spell thru Al and NW Fl.Today we had some good rain and wind and got to check the cross wind effect across town.The hardest part is waiting at lights getting buffeted back and forth.:rolleyes:
Not Nearly Enough

My Gosh........ In two weeks you put on what it took me over a year to do. It's a big country and more than enough interesting places to see and stories to tell.

When you have the time, I'd like to hear some more vignettes of your trip. Especially other bikes you saw, other bikers you met , any bikes that attempted to pass you and any other interesting places or people you ran into.