Australian HD V-ROD "Vee Two".


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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
A hi-tech Sprintex compressor grafted on a perfectly stock (except for Vance & Hines pipes) V-ROD, i.e. inside the faux gas tank. Dyno power up almots 40% to 160.8 HP's (142.0 at the rear wheel). Torque up 20% to 13.9 mkg. Eur 3 emissions-compatible. Installation time about 6 hours. Weighs 14 kilos. Distributed as a kit by Vee Two in Australia and Zodiac (Netherlands) in Europe.

Source is famous journalist Alan Cathcart, now selling his report to various mags (sorry, I don't know which ones outside of francophone Europe)

Am not saying I like it. But, IMO, it seems to make the V-ROD a more serious contender. Or it's the V-ROD that HD should have produced in the first place...:cool:
How many of those are you going to run across?? I have yet to even run up on a regular V Rod, except for one sitting in a parking lot. You can spend a fortune on those things and the Rocket is still more comfortable with the best power band on the planet. That's why I love the darn thing, from 800 rpms to redline you've got gobs of power and grins :D.

If I had the bucks I'd try that supercharger :eek: