Another Rocket forum ? !!!


Standard Bore
Apr 7, 2006
near Aylesbury, UK
Just found this site... so thought I'd better say hello...

Had a Rocket 3 for two weeks now... still grinning like a cheshire cat !! ridden all sorts over the years, but only owned four bikes as I tend to keep 'em if I like 'em... There's always been a reason to upgrade and, until the Rocket, always been a 'next bike' in mind. This time I was a wek away from ordering a VN1600 meanstreak... I visited a Triumph dealer with a 'speed triple mounted' friend and there was this feckin huge bike... test rode it on impulse... bought it there and then !!

Previous bikes owned... GSX600F :) ... FJ1100 :eek: ... ZRX1200R :D

Also posting on 'the other' Rocket 3 site as 'Grim' but that user name was too short for this forum ?? what's that all about then :confused:
Too Short

Lad, impatient with frequent, mandated password changes, enters "penis" as his new password. And the system replies...:eek:

Hey, welcome Grim. Jamie

-Triumph Rocket III-
Let me check on the 4 letter thing. I think Andy couldn't use Ogre either, come to think of it. Maybe I can overide it and change your names to what you want. I have no idea why it does that, Hondax may be right. Its just like anything else in life... it just can't be simple and easy, can it... (no, I didn't have a bad day or anything... here kitty kitty:eek:).

After having said all of that... Welcome Grimster (We can call you Grim if you like:D). Take a look around, and don't be shy... We like lots of posts and pics... we always like pics...:)