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Aug 27, 2006
Boston, MA & Birmingham UK
Hi all

I'm Dave. I've had a Bonneville for a short while, after having a few Jap. bikes over the years. I love the Bonnie, but needed something for the longer journeys and roads outside bought a Rocket and *love* it!! What a great bike...

Last night, I was out with a passenger, driving around Boston, dodging SUVs. Embarassingly, I almost didn't see a red light, and had to make a *very* hard stop to the line. The bike stopped perfectly - it skidded, but in a dead straight line, without *ever* feeling out of control. Not something I like to do often, but man, it was great to feel how solid it was.

Anyway, I'm English, grew up just a few miles from the Meriden plant. Been in the US for 20 years, but sill learning the local lingo. I teach at a university in Boston, but try not to let it interfere with my riding time.
Welcome Dave. I too am amazed just about every time I take my Rocket out. I bet you have an interesting accent, English with a little Bostonian mixed in?
Good Name

Dave........ Welcome from another Dave. I see you spell it the same way as I do!

Glad to have you join us and feel free to make comments, ask questions and every so often......some "ribbing" is encouraged. What subject(s) do you teach? Hopefully not "The Big Dig" 101. Matter of fact, the engineering company assigned to repair the tunnel is from my home town area.......Kansas City.
Welcome Dave,
I have been to Boston on a couple of occasions, great town. Welcome aboard and enjoy the R/3. This is a great site and hope to see you jump in, often.
Welcome Dave,

I am a developer in Kansas City and currently building a major project designed by a very famous architect Moshe Safdie who is based in Boston. I travel there frequently and love it! I recently had to stop my Rocket quickly on wet pavement and was equally pleased that it did not fishtail and held the wet road well. Good site, you'll enjoy it. Read the 'Rockets Across America' thread. Maybe next year you can hookup with ironbut Vonbonds and meet us in the middle.
Welcome Dave!!!

In a previous life I worked for Children's Palace which was based in Avon, actually got trapped in Logan by Hurricane Andrew back in the early 90's :eek:... I had a few dealings with Iron Mountain out of Boston also.

The site is about to undergo a few upgrades and changes so don't be alarmed if we go offline for a little bit... we will be back!!

welcome dave, you have joined a great club. i was at metric thunder (local parts/acc place on line bike stuff etc.) the other day, and the owner let me take his kawi custom that they built and use for shows for a ride. i returned the favor... he came back.. big grin on his face and said it was like being 15 and having sex for the first time lol.