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Nov 14, 2006
Hello fellow Rocketeers!

I'm proud to say I am a new owner of a brand new Rocket III (which was a birthday present to self since other 1/2 would buy it for me :cool: ). I picked her up on November 11th and have been to busy riding and tinckering on it to post up.

Anyhow, I've attached some pics from the day I rode it home. I've since added quite a few OEM options to it such as the flyscreen, Kuryakyn(sp?) grips & Throttlemeister, low back rest, and fog lamps. I'll have to post some new pics I guess.

Anyhow, I love this bike. I get all kinds of responses from people. The usual one is "look at that engine!".

If there is anything I don't like about this particular bike is the color. To many grey tones with the "Graphite" paint color. I have a local painter giving me some ideas now.

I've got a TON of questions that I am sure you all have answered here on the forum so I'll be digging around looking for some more. My first question is on upgrade pipes. I want this thing a tad throatier sounding and with a few more HPs of course :evil:. So far I am familiar with the OEM pipes and the Jardines? Any others?

I'm looking forward to being a part of this community. Great bike, great website!


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Welcome Crazy!:)

I got a Red one but my second choice was Graphite. I think there's tons of customizing you can do with neutral colors like graphite.

Thy this link for audio files of different exhausts: Link Removed

Post pictures to your hearts content and create a photo album if you like. Don't be a stranger.:bch:
Now The Fun Begins

RC....... Happy you joined our family. There's quite a bit of info already available on the site but always know you can pop a question up on the board and someone will probably know the answer. I'd suggest you start stretching your facial muscles in preparation for all the smiling you're going to be doing when you ride. Also, you might want to invest in larger mirrors so you can see all the other bikes you'll be leaving behind you!

I'm in the minority but I got the Staintune 3/3 with CAT. Also K&N air filter and Tuneboy tune. Gives you about 93db. If you take out the baffle ( 1 screw per pipe ) you move up to 98db. Their dyno work says you pick up 22 hp if you do my setup. Using the Triumph CAT has an 11hp increase. I believe torque increases by the same amount on each setup.

Best thing is go to their web site and look around.

One difference is their pipes are polished stainless.....not chrome. That tends to give a yellowing effect over time. I think I can take them off, machine polish and reinstall easily.

Ride Safe
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Ah - its that same old question that keeps popping up........what exhaust to run ! I believe this would be the most divisive topic for R3 owners & here's my two cents worth again:

I have a full Jardine system & PCIII and am 100% fully satisfied with them after these 6 absolute must do's:

1) If you download any of the PCIII tunes from the PowerCommander website and never go to the Dyno, you must have the stock Triumph tune loaded into your ECU first as the custom PCIII map alters this standard tune + or - fuel points to suit the Jardines. Any other Triumph tune in the ECU will not work properly (will run too rich or lean & will pop on decel)

2) The fit is crap all round on the Jardines and I ended up having the system tig welded at the 2 joins- now a one-piece system with no more leaks and it only cost me $30 at an exhaust fitter - tack it while on the bike and sits right - then remove it and fully weld it up.

3) Always put in new copper gaskets at the header to block seal

4) Replace the accorn nuts and add washers as the flange thickness is less on the Jardines and you will not be able to do it up tight enough otherwise

5) Add a K&N filter to get it breathing better to match the pipes - I have undertank conversion but replacement of stock position would suffice.

6) OPTIONAL....spend the money and go to a reputable Dyno tuner ie. one accredited by Dynotune on the Powercommander website..........
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Welcome RocketCrazy. Yes, you will field many questions and odd looks as you travel about on your new Rocket. Just prepare yourself for when someone asks "Triumph...who makes that?" Just give'em one oh these...:kick: Enjoy your ride! Bigern
welcome, used to live in Houston. Love the Graphite, just chrome it up to give it pizzaz! Pipes, a million suggestions, I put some after markets on and like them, but still not loud enough. Still considering. Great site, only problem is not enough of the riders participate. Hope you join in. My only advice to a new rocket the torque, lean hard into the corners, the power will get you out.:cool:
Hey RocketCrazy, welcome. When it comes to exhaust it really depends on the look and the sound. I personnally liked the look of the stock set up with two on the right and one on the left. So I was torn between the Maddogs and the Triumph TORs. After hearing Toystoretom's MD's, my mind was made up.
I rode behind Tomo for a while & experienced the MD rumble, but then Vonbonds let me take his Rocket for a spin. I believe he put the TOR's on his & man, did I like the sound it put out when the throttle was twisted. I'm pretty certain I'll go with the TOR's (Von, correct me if I'm wrong).

Oh yeh, while riding behind Tomo, Pianoman was just off to Tomo's right & I listened intently to his Staintunes. Kind-of a whistle sound comes from them. Dfferent, very different. Not sure I would like them. But, that's why there are different styles, right?

See ya.
Hi RC!
On exhaust systems......I've went stock (128 hp), TOR's w/ CAT bipass (138 hp) then Jardines / PCIII (149 hp / 153 ft. lbs.) The sound issue is neither right or wrong...just a matter of what you like. At each stage I wanted louder w/ more power. I like the deep rumble of the Jars and the power that comes with it. However, I wish I had a switch to take it back to the TOR's sound...not too loud...just a nice difference. But, I don't want to give up the power that I get with it.
The best way to do this (without spending useless bucks) is wait till you actually hear the different pipes in person. I know this is difficult sometimes. I met someone in Daytona and satisfied my curiosity.
Oh well, half the fun for me is making mods and experimenting.

Welcome to the GRIN CLUB!!!