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May 4, 2007
Hi All,

Baal here, I live in Perth Western Australia, but am currently working in Kuala Lumpur.

I bought a 2007 R3 Classic in February and have only managed to do about 4000km on her because of working away.

I have removed the restrictions and remapped some of the AF settings with TuneBoy (awsome bit of kit). My Classic has all the extras (windsheild, Paniers, Chrome bits, Back Rest, Rack). I am fitting Jardines next time I'm back in Oz and also cruise control and moving the ignition switch.

Best bike I have ever ridden. I ditched a Triumph Sprint 955 for my R3 so bit of a culture shock from wannabe boy racer to cruiser (but hey who cruises on an R3?).

Nice to meet you all albeit across the ether.

Take Care
G'Day Mate

Baal.......we're glad you've chosen the right ride and the right forum. I hope you enjoy the R3 half as much as myself and others have done. I don't think I'll ever take for granted the fun and power it provides anyone who's willing to jump on board and take it for a spin.

If memory serves me correctly, there's someone else from the Perth area. I remember mentioning to them about Perth being the host of the Americas' Cup a while back and what spectacular scenery down unda'.

What type of work would take you to KL? I'm guessing engineer or possibly transportation specialist?
What type of work would take you to KL? I'm guessing engineer or possibly transportation specialist?

Well I'm actually a Computer Specialist - I design and build networks for large businesses. I also do stuff like draw up IT Strategies etc.


Welcome Baal. The Rocket is a good choice to transition from a sport bike to cruiser. I had a Speed Triple previously. I still have some moments where I wish I still had it but the Rocket keeps my need for speed satisfied.
Hi Baal,
welcome to the rocket world,
I too live in perth, bassendean suberb,
when you get back to perth we`ll have to catch up for a beer or 3 :bch:
Baal - interesting choice for a handle.

Welcome to the friendliest net forum. You "ditched" your earlier bike?
Beware of the gramma and speeler police. :)
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I told ya... the grammar Police Dept. has been shut down :D.

Hey Baal... I see your using a pic of my wife as your avatar... gives me the heebs :eek:!!

Welcome, and have fun!!

Welcome Baal

The guys on this site taught me how to post pictures so if you need any help with that "IT" stuff let me know. Good guys here with lots of laughs and R/3 knowledge. Jump in often.......