Jun 23, 2006
Would appreciate any feedback on this one...

My dealer received the airbox from MGS today. MGS didn't have any filters so they told the dealer what air filter to order. They told the dealer the wrong filter number, but as it turns out, the wrong filter is bigger and fits onto the airbox with no problems. Only issue is that I will need to have the front turn signals changed to LEDs or whatever if I keep the big filter.

Does a big filter mean a bit more performance? Or is the bigger filter more about appearance?

Thanks guys,
Tall Tx Guy
A bigger filter will mean more flow but does it really need it? I have no idea what would be optimal for the Rocket. One thing to consider that many use the K&N RU 5111 for the undertank and it seems sufficient. Maybe compare the flow rates of the 5111 to what size you have?

DougL had some good numbers of CFM and flow of the different K&N sizes. Maybe he can offer some insight.
Would appreciate any feedback on this one...

Only issue is that I will need to have the front turn signals changed to LEDs or whatever if I keep the big filter.

Tall Tx Guy

Yeah!Give me a clue as well. What does turn signals have to due with a bigger air-filter. From that which I've seen there's plenty of room between the two:flame:
I went ahead and told the dealer to stay with the air filter that came with the airbox. I'm not going with the bigger filter, which means I don't have to $ out extra money for front turn signal mods. My dealer won't open until Tuesday. MGS in California gave the wrong filter number to my Triumph dealer, who ordered the wrong filter, a bigger filter. Go figure...it was beautiful riding weather today to break in my new Jardines and new airbox. Oh well, I'll have to wait until next weekend.

I did talk to some mechanics and some guys online and the consensus was that the cost of modifying the turn signals was not worth the couple extra horsepower I might...and that is a 'might'...obtain from a bigger filter. To quote Hombre, I will be drawing more air but not necessarily more performance.

Anyway, I'll post pics of the new setup once things get squared away.

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Tall Tx Guy
Turn signals

Since someone brought it up. I am going to be changing my tail lights to led's. Has any one done this and if so did you have to change the solenoid for the blinker because led's draw fewer amps. I was told I would get a fast blink like in a car with a blown bulb. Also what do you guy's recommend for splicing and reconnecting the wires. I was thinking soldering them then using the the heat shrink tubing with the rubber inside to seal it from water.
Please chime in on doe's and don'ts.