Air assist rear shocks?


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Dec 7, 2006
Saint George, Utah
Ive been looking around the forum and cant find anyone asking about air shocks. Im not a small guy by any means and neither is my passenger so air assist shocks are almost a must Im thinking......are there any out there to be had for this bike??
I have them on the Harley and really count on them when 2-up riding, so this would have an impact on how much further I look into buying this bike. Does progressive offer them?:rolleyes:
A good portion of the aftermarket shocks available for the Rocket are listed here under suspension.

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A few are pneumatic.

The stock shocks are one of the first things everyone will recommend replacing. Progressive doesn't show on their site they offer anything like that for the Rocket but it might be worth dropping an email to Progressive and see if they have an air assist application that works for the Rocket. They have been pretty good to Rocket owners.
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Is my wife looking over my Okay I can post this.

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I have the stock shocks set on the second pre-load and no problem on Michigan's fine roads:p

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