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Nov 30, 2006
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This is primarily for pig9r, but others are welcome to comment. I've heard that you have some kind of "US" type of accessory outlet available as opposed to the OEM one that, I believe, uses a BMW type plug in. Any details?
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Molinoman, you've got to be excited. I'm feeling that way just watching you count down the days. I'm praying for you. Relax that grin for a moment or two & give your face a break.

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Thanks, that is what I was looking for, doesn't seem too hard to do.
I'll see if I can cancel the Triumph version.
Brian, one other thing, do you know what the amp load for that particular wire is that you used to hook it up?
You said you were able to plug in your heated gloves, so I was wondering if it is more than the "usual" 5 amps (like on my Wing).
Rusty, I appreciate the thoughts. Smile mode on!
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Did mine exactly like Piggers even down to the JB weld. When your as poor as me and want an accessory that has some rediculuos price from the manufacture I get obsessed with doing it for cheaper as you can see from no Triumph accessories on spike. Usually don't work but this time us cheapy guys got the last laugh. Who the hell do they think they are kidding selling euro.stuff here. Now where is my tourch to bend that plexaglass for my windshield. Jack

Milinoman,,You can trace it back to the fuzze box and see. I haven't traced it but I run a cigarett liter with it so I would think Its Its high enough amperage.
The fuse it is on is rated 10 amps. The accessory plugs for the heated grips and clock also run off of the circuit.

I use heated gloves without a problem. If you are going to use it only for heated clothing, the Triumph plug is a powerlet plug, which most heated clothing come with. You can also buy a powerlet to standard 12 volt adapter also. I just wanted the "standard" plug for cell phone and what not.

Why can't they standardise this stuff.From what I'am told you just wanted that outlet for your little compressor for your blow up doll....Bye now Jack
Now I'm screwed. I had no idea that the outlet was "specific" to other Triumph "gottcha" items. Drat! Dadgum! and Some beach! I'm guessing it (the outlet) will go into the "maybe I'll use this someday" pile & I'll take Pig9r's approach. It sounds very logical.

Thanks for the thread guys. Saved me the heartache.