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Sep 8, 2006
Fredericksburg, Virginia
2005 Rocket 3/2014 Moto Guzzi Touring
I just finished a 12 minute tune on the "Old Fat Bottom Girl". She has has an ever so slight BURP when taking off from a stand still when warm. It is like a brief hesitation that happens infrequently. Anybody else had this phenomenon. (I am running the PCIII with the recommended Jardine exhaust tune.) It has only occurred since I had the new Triumph map installed by the dealer to correct the idle problem. She still runs like a stripe-ed ass ape and does not stall, so I will see what the 12 minute fix does whenever the rain lets up.
Second issue, I have logged over 5k since I installed a new rear tire, and the wear is not that bad. I replaced the first tire at 5600 miles and it was pretty close to shot. Could good old Metzler have a variance in compounds when the tire is manufactured? My riding habits have not changed, no burn outs, constant check on tire pressure, and riding like an old fart. When she goes this time I may go to the "Dark Side" anyway. Just throwing both issues out for discussion.

I have 6K on mine and it's not even half worn out. My front tire is cupped a little or maybe I should say not cupped but it has pronounced flats around the circumference. I can't feel them when I ride it, but they can be felt when I run my fingers across the tread.

I'm going for 12K on the Metz. Then an darkie.......

If you can get 100K on car tires................
and riding like an old fart,,Thats why she burps at you..Your not riding her right.Flip your getting good mileage from that tire.DO you ever start the motor??? Or just coast?? BM you gotta get the gunk out..BJC Seriously I think the temp.of the roads makes a big difference on tire ware..You been ridden In the snow??
I got 10K out of the first tire and it was showing cord. I had 12K on the 2nd tire and still had some life in it, but had to change for a long trip. The rear tire I have now has 4K on it and seems to be holding out for another 10K or so.. Unless I keep riding it hard on the new road I found.. :)

I've thought about going the car tire route also, as most of my riding consists of straight up, highway cruising. But still on the fence about that.
Everything is downhill in Michigan these days.

That's exactly what early, middle middle-age christian architecture was all about: Vaults, cellars and tombs. All heading downhill as if uphill were doomed. With steep stairs to get down there. All obscure as if light uphill had for ever been seized by the devil. Underground, in a fatalistic or --to the believers-- initiatory sort of way .

But then , throughout Europe , christian architecture suddenly... unearthed itself and briskly went uphill and... overground: monastries, abbeys and ultimately cathedrals.

BTW, after the Roman occupation of Leicestershire, the area that is today known as Hinckley (Triumph's factory site) , became known as the High Cross.

There's some hope, if not logic, then, that a St Flip cathedral might some day erected in Deerfield Heights (?) , aka High Clamp, Michigan

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I'm a little disenchanted with this State in general. The bureaucrats answer to their deficit is raise taxes and cut services. I can see this will cause an even bigger exodus of populous but our elected officials just can't see that. I really suspect when Amy retires next year we will be selling the farm and the properties and moving to Austin Texas. I can become a cattle rancher and Amy can dabble in local politics and, I can ride my bikes a helluva lot more than I can here. When I get in the car and drive around here, there are may vacant and abandoned homes. It's getting hard for the average Joe to survive.

I realize all things are cyclical but I'm getting a little tired of being at the bottom of the cycle.

You can stop that front tire from cupping in a few weeks by putting a ski on it.. Crazy Jack

U a smartass. Ain't gonna snow here this year. Gonna be a mild winter, lots of rain, wind, ice storms but little snow. How do I know you ask? Because of the height of the corn on the stalk and the way the stalks are leaning. I can also tell from the way the leaves on the trees didn't color out. They just turned slightly brown and fell.

As for you, you are gonna get blasted plenty. I know.:D
snow tires

Yea Flipper I can tell by the way my peckers hanging we are gona get It..Why don't you write a modern day Farmers almanic.. BJC Wait a minute the leaves are doing the same here so how come Iam gona get it and you ain't???
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