A good day for Triumphs


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Mar 8, 2006
Carthage N.C. U.S.A.
I was sitting at the car wash in my little town Saturday when one of my friends hollered, "There goes a Rocket!" We hopped on our bikes and followed them down to McDonalds. It was a Orange 05 with tribal paint. The only other R3 I've ever ran into around home. They were from Fayetteville, N.C., and were on their way to Charlotte for the Nascar Race. While we were sitting there, a Bonnie and a Speed Triple rode by together.

I didn't have my camera with me.:mad:
It's strange, but I'm seeing more and more of them right here in little ole' Blue Springs. I saw a kid on a black Speed Triple today and I see a guy on a Bonnie (Not Brian's Dad) on a regular basis... but I can never catch them due to lights and traffic. Sooner or later....
Another good one is that, after winning the int'l press track comparo I reported on earlier, the somewhat more subjective "Uncomparo" (sic) in the current US MOTORCYCLIST issue, the Daytona 675 has been declared overall 600 class winner in a Helvetico-German report based on both track and every day use criteria;)

Ranking is as follows:
1 Triumph Daytona
2. Suzuki GXR-600
3. Kawa ZX-6R
4. Yamaha YZF-6
5. Honda CRR600RR

A "no dispute" contest. Decisive was the Daytona's highest torque, 7.0 mkg at the ... lowest (relatively-speaking) rpm's, i.e. @ 9'900.

Most of my ridin' is on the Rocket III... but I occasionally get my kicks on the Daytona. Problem is that the --young--owners of the above-mentioned Jap machines are starting to pay attention to such laudatory press reports and want to challenge them (in effect, challenging ME!) wherever I go.

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Triumph will be the next brand to own. Why ?

Well, first because the new 675 has made so much noise, outperforming all the japs, that no one can by pass this important good news. Everybody is looking to Triumph to see what has happened.

In the last International MasterBike it wons the 600cc class, it was the fastest on the track, not with one or two drivers, but with all 10 of them !!! This means that it´s performance is available to any middle class driver. You can go faster without being Dani Pedrosa or Valentino Rossi, and this is very important for the average user.

The same will apply if a Big Cubic Inches Custom Class should appear, the R3 will outperform anything else very easy, not only in pure performance, but in any other aspect to. The other day an HD V-Road tryied to follow me on the high way, doing acceleration, stoping, and so on, and the guy at no chance to stay side by side with me, the R3 was clearly better.

It seems that Triumph has taken to good way and probably if they keep doing so, in the future no one will look at us as strange people because we drive our Triumphs.

European products are back, now they can fight face to face any jap and even beat them, Aprilia RSV 1.000 R is a good example ( overall MasterBike winer ... ), BMW new models, and next year 1.200cc Ducati´s ... not to talk about the new street legal Moto GP they have announced a few days ago.

Probably in top performance not, but in a every day using, things made change, and we will see that japs are loosing the battle.

Also, owning an HD, Triumph, Ducati, Aprilia, MV Augusta, etc give you more pleasure, since the bike comes with a bit of history, tradition, style and glamour that no jap will never offer you. I think you say it is COOL, and it really is.

As soon as the R3 comes in more versions, like touring with fairing, etc, the R3 will become a very popular bike. The retail price is ok, comparable to any other quality bike.

In the last 2 weeks I have seen a huge amount of new R3 riding in my city, and more other Triumphs models to, so there is a change in the consumer.

Even this week at a biker shop there was an HD owner who said to me he was going to buy a R3, since he was tired of all the technicall problems he add now with his HD. And this is very important, people driving HD for over 10 or 15 years look at Triumph as an option to go for.

Long life for our Triumphs ! ( better if they are R3 ... ).