$4000 Rocket on Ebay


Aug 23, 2006
Northwest, MO.
2005 Rocket III
Doesn't this sound like the same old song & dance that went around last year!

First of all let me tell you that I am pleased that are interested in my eBay auction. I want this transaction to be a fast and secure one so
I'd like to have everything clarified at this point. You have to know that the bike I am selling is 100% working and great looking, no flaws or
dents, no scratches or any kind of damage, no flood or wrecked, the interior looks amazing. All documents, including owner's manual in english,
clear title and bill of sale will be provided along with the bike.I just moved to
United Kingdom because my wife is from London and she wanted to be closer to her parents as they are old and very ill. The bike it's into eBay possesion in USA
We are expecting a baby in a few monts and I really want to improve the old house we bought when we moved in time for the baby.
I have bought and registered the bike in the United States, but unfortunately I wasn't able to register it here in Europe. For that I
have pay a very big fee and I will also have to start an individual procedure for the vehicle through the Government and I really can't afford
those expenses right now with the baby on the way. Those are the reasons why the price I want for it is just US $4000.00 including the shipping and insurance charges. eBay will take care with the shipping because the bike is into eBay possesion. All the shipping/handling and insurance charges are included in the sale price.
The bike will arrive within 7 days. You will get the bike with proper custom papers, clear title, bill of sale signed by me as well, the unit
will be shipped dry, no oil, no fuel to your closes terminal near your location, and from there it will trailed to your door. I want to take
the opportunity to assure you that this deal is 100% legitimate, the financial part of this deal will be managed by Ebay, in this way both of
us will be protected. In order to start making the documents on your name and proceed with the shipping I request a deposit.
So we can close this deal you must go with money cash to Money Gram office to make a transfer via Money Gram with a deposit(4000 USD) to the eBay agent from USA.ASfter you will sent the
money to the eBay agent name and address you must send a fax to eBay with the receipt of Money gram transfer.After you send the fax with the
receipt of transfer to eBay,they will start the shipping and in 7 days you will receive the cat at your place.You will have 15 days to test the
bike.After you will test the bike you must send another confirmation to eBay to told they that everything is ok with the bike so I can receive the
money from eBay.They will not send me the money until 15 days after you will receive and test the bike.They will snd me the money only after you will send the confirmation that everything is ok with the bike.
It's easy and fast to close this deal.
If you are interested in buying it like I said and have money cash please provide me your FULL NAME, SHIPPING ADDRESS AND YOUR EBAY USER ID so I can initiate the deal through
eBay. They will get in touch with you right after with all the instructions to follow.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Be cautious everyone.
What a joke!

I especially like the part about "the interior is amazing". Sound like someone from central europe playing somebody for a fool.
Wife is from London... No flaws or dents or any kind of damage... The interior is amazing... She wanted to be closer with her parents... They'll arrive within 7 days... I want a deposit... We are expecting a baby... We'll get it trailed to your door... ... You'll receive the cat... Both old and very ill... Shipped dry... You'll have 15 days to test it...

Everything is E-bay OK...

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2005 Triumph : Rocket III Rocket III

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Current bid:US $3,600.00 but you can buy it now from BanjoBart if you have CASHprice: US $4,000.00
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