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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Fact: A brand new Tiger, with the ST/Speed Triple engine, rated @ 130 HP, and a new Speed Triple-inspired chassis. Looks fab (identical to the pic someone posted earlier on). More of a street fighter than an off-roader:)

Rumours: A Rocket III fully-dressed Gold Wing fighter (been rumoured for months now):( AND a Rocket III-derived "street dragster" (first mentioned in a French weekly and now echoed in European forums...):confused: ... the Bonnie gets the Thruxton engine... the Scrambler gets the Bonnie engine... (both wishful thoughts?!).

Anxiety: Hinckley adds GREEN to the Rocket III catalogue (which it should have done in the first place, but that's an old Rocket Science debate):cool:

Rave On! Jamie
If I was betting money on what the new models will be:

New Tiger with 1050 engine
Middleweight cruiser, 1400-1500cc's, two cylinder
Naked 675

Late 2007/2008:

Daytona with 1050cc or larger engine
Touring version of middleweight cruiser

Other model changes for 2007:

Blue color combination for Rocket Classic model
Slipper clutch for the Daytona 675
If I was Betting Money....

Everyone's bet encouraged... No one's real dough at stake. SO... what dayya think? dread? expect :confused: etc.

PS. Supposedly, there are occasional factory-paid "observers" of our rants, raves and miscellaneous ramblings on this forum and others. Let's keep them busy:cool:
I don't know about that... but we have plenty of "spiders"...

A Rocket dragster would be interesting only if it had if it had the engine mods to back it up..
'Busa Killer

How about going after the hyabusa with a 1300-1600 cc superbike? I'm thinking Daytona 1350 cc triple. Or they could just put a fairing on the rocket, lighten up the bike a bit (as much as possible) and tweek the engine and suspension.
Kind of a "Rocket Lite"? Being a cruiser, Triumph didn't try too hard to keep the weight down, but they know how to do it. Just look at the Daytonas and the Speed Triples. If they applied this kind of tech to the Rocket I am certain they could really shave off some weight.

I kind of like the Rocket the way it is. I got used to the weight very quickly and I like that sure footed feeling at high speeds out on the superslab, especially on windy days and passing trucks. It is an easy bike to ride... if you ask me. Only people who fall down alot have real trouble with it...
Good post!

A note on the Scramble: They wanted the Bonnie on it but the muffler required to meet db limits was so out of proportion(fugly) they were athletically forces, so to speak, to detuned the Bonnie to fit a classic/proportional looking muffler. Some times power is your worst enemy I guess. I read this somewhere so don't shoot the messenger.:D
the 1500 cc Rocket II or super bonnie is a reality.

can't wait till sept.

that and the new Tigress are this year, next year is RIII touring and ....... I'm actually guessing a 675 based naked to be named later ( What need is there for triumph to rush)

2008 Bigger Daytona ( not a 1050 hehehhehehe)
and....actually I see a 675 tiger/ super motard type bike of smaller size

don't ask how I know,cause I don't know how I know what I know;)
the 1500 cc Rocket II or super bonnie is a reality.
Oh God... I hope not. I can' t run any more forums :D

Actually... I think we need a 3 liter Rocket...