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Jan 11, 2008
Hindman KY
Well guys Im ready to buy,it just comes down to buy a 05 model or 06,which year has less problems,Im ready to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im finding new 06's for 12,400.
I wouln't say there's too much wrong with either year. I have an '04 with 29,000 miles on it and have had no major problems at all..
I didn't know there were any 2004's. In April, 2004, my dealer was taking deposits - no Rockets in Reno. I put my deposit down in October and the bike is a 2005. I haven't had any problems. I don't believe they've made any significant changes, have they?
Mine has a Jul '04 manufacture date and is registered as an '04.. I believe the first ones came out in Jun '04. I think Triumph called them all early '05 models though.

The only real changes I can think of up to '07 are changes in the oil drain plug locations, as well as the output shaft bearing recall. I believe there were some clutch basket bearing changes too.. but over all, I wouldn't pass up a good deal on any year model.
Black or Gray engine?? The Gray engines are faster. Were the Classics available in '05??

Standard '05s had gray, and 07' Tourers. To my knowledge all others had black engine.
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How com the bag stiffeners aren't on you web site?

It's an interesting story.

I had them on there but the shopping cart won't compute the proper shipping cost and Shawn adjusted the cart and then it wouldn't apply any ship cost so I pulled them. Soon as Shawn figures out how to make the cart apply the proper shipping, they will be back, hopefully this weekend. The price was wrong too. It listed them at 60 per set of 2 and the price is actually 50 per set of 2. I didn't want any pissed off customers and it has to be right as the whole world sees that stuff.

I have 2 left feet at minupulating the website. I did manage to delete the item but I had to go 'to the mountain' to do that.

I'll be carrying K&N Filters, PIAA lights, Fereodo Brake pads for sure and, maybe, just maybe Moto-Plan dry Carbon Fiber..........:)