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May 24, 2016
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From where you are, I would first load another base tune for your model and year from the tune ecu site and see if it cures the problem. If problem still persists, confirm the vacuum lines to the TBs are connected and to the correct TB. If connected correctly, check plugs for excess fuel saturation or look inside each TB for fuel squirting while turning over the engine or remove the injectors from engines (leave them attached to fuel rail) and attached a clear plastic tube to each injector that allows them to drain into a container and motor to confirm same fuel flow in all tubes while motoring the engine. If all is well, check a each cylinder for spark. If all checks, confirm the crank position sensor if properly installed and functioning. If all this checks out, recheck the cams for proper timing. Just guessing here.
I concurrr. If it has spark in all threes, and fuel in all threes and it's bad... it's a faulty tune, a bad sensor or an ill set cam. Good guesser here too. Now where are Sparky and Robert? Did you mess with the throttle body vacuum caps? Some tips have a tube to the MAP some are capped.

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Nov 22, 2008
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First start was done with the dyno tune I have been successfully running for years. Next we installed the tune Neville sent. All was the same. I believe the TUNE is NOT where the problem lies. You have all given me some real good things to run down. Will be getting to it this weekend.


Please keep your ideas coming.