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On the surface, if you want stereo sound on your bike, this looks promising. I just wonder where you can go to hear one in action, for $500 or more, it better be the cat's meow. That center mount system looked pretty good but our gages are in the way of that type mount. Definitely something to think about, thanks for the link.
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trying different things (audio)

Hi all,

Just wondering why there is not a true noise canceling, flat (fits under a helmet), earphone set.

A friend rides with a pair of ear buds on his c50. When pulled up beside him at a light, you can hear glimpses of the song.... that's too loud.

Radio Shack had a pair of noise canceling earphone on sale about a year ago and I bought and tried one. It caught so much wind noise as to be useless. Took it back within the hour.

In helmet speakers do not cancel the wind and road noise, but do a fair job of sound reproduction. But they still have to be too loud at speed.

Maybe I want too much.
Ear Monitors

I'm still a fan of ear monitors. Custom fit to your ears (inside the second bend) and they cut the outside ambient noise by 25 db. Enough to easily hear music or conversation but still they allow you to hear some s noise like horns and it makes HD pipes almost bearable.
Look around

They do sell ear phones that are like ear plugs but with speakers in them. They concel out noise like a plug so you can hear your music.
If you don't wear a helmet Bose has a nice pair of head phones that are noise canceling, I see people with then all the time on planes.

The Bose headphones you are talking about are waaaaay overpriced. I got a pair of noise cancelling Sony's at Walmart for $59.95 plus tax and they work just as well.
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Thanks guys,

I had seen booths at mc rallys before about these inside ear headsets, but had never had anyone say anything from personal experiences about how they worked (in the real world).

Your comments are greatly appreciated. I'll be going to several rallys and will probably get one on your experiences.:cool:
My Son is being trained as Rider Coach for MSF and one of the guys there in Detroit has them set up on his Road King and my Son says they sound pretty good and are pretty loud I will know this weekend as I am going to see him Graduate and check them out I will post the findings.