2-3 weeks till dyno time here's your chance


Aug 13, 2006
Costa Mesa, CA
ok here's the deal, i have to have 500 miles on it before dyno. will be putting on underseat kn and either maddoggs w/o cat or powermasters from those down under guys. i know squat about the pc111 and tuneboy.
lets use my dyno time to the max. tell me what questions or things i should be telling the dyno guy to do or watch for.
do i get the pc111 and tuneboy? i'm so addicted to this ride that i don't care if i have to get both.
toystoretom and pig9r and all others let me know how to do this thing right and what problems you want solved.
I would think that the first thing you would want to consider is.... do you want to go with the TuneBoy or the PC III. I would talk to your Dyno guy and see if he is familiar with either of them. You don't want to waste dyno time having your tech learning how to use the PC III if he knows how to use the TuneBoy.

Hopefully this fall Pig9r and myself are going to burn a little dyno time with the TumeBoy... but we will be the techs, so to speak. Many places are DynoJet Tuning centers and they are clueless when it comes to the TuneBoy. The place we found is familar with both but I do believe Pig9r has more knowledge with the TuneBoy and it will be more efficient if we make the changes based on their readings.

What there is a need for... right now anyway... is different dyno runs with TuneBoy for bikes with different kinds of equipment. I think most "Tunes" right now are loosley based on SteveRed's bike which is running Staintune exhausts. So different combinations would be useful... such as the three filter K&N with Mad Dogs... or what ever...

Here's what I would do.

First choice really depends of whether or not your dyno guy is familiar with Tuneboy or if he will charge you extra to learn. If he is hesitant to learn or the cost to do so is over $500 (keep in mind with the Tuneboy he will probably have to make 10 or 12 runs and shut the bike down between runs and make changes to fueling maps then reload the map into the bike, with the PCIII fueling changes are made by the computer on the fly).

If he is not willing to go the Tuneboy route and odds are if he is not familiar he probably is a dynojet user.... I would get the Tuneboy and PCIII. Have him dyno tune your bike with the PCIII. Load in the tune I made in the trading tunes forum for use with the PCIII and Tuneboy combination. That way you get the ignition remapping, secondaries opened and speedo correction. Plus you have all of the other goodies such as diagnostics that comes with Tuneboy.

You may actually save some money going the PCIII and TB route if the Tuneboy only dyno costs more than the PCIII with dyno tune. Tom has the PCIII and Tuneboy combo. If I can't get someone in my area to dyno tune the Tuneboy I might go the same route. Tom's bike runs really good and pulls strong.
thanks for the input tomo and pig9r : i'm going to go talk to the dyno guy. hell i really don't mind the extra dyno time if he is willing. ok so plan is pc111 and tune boy, underseat kn and i'm really considering these pipemaster pipes. guess i'm going to have to call them since they haven't replied to my e mail. the jardines are nice but not 100 % the look i want. same with the maddogs. besides i like trying new stuff. well i think they should be awake in oz land now. time to give them a gingle. Link Removed
ok just ordered the pipes from pipemasters over the phone. gotta say those aussies are some pretty cool dudes. we're looking at about a month aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. being the no patience american i am i was hoping for them by friday lol. oh well time for those cruiser bars and turn signal mods. oh and i still have to put on the brake side floor board. ahh heck maybe i'll just go for a ride.