Apr 25, 2006
Hello fellow rocket riders.
I am glad to finally find this web site. no one else in my area has a rocket III and I have a few issues that only another rocket owner can answer.
About me; live in northern Florida, bought the 2005 in late 04, still am totally amazed at the power and torque. have had a few troubles that the dealerships can't seem to fix.
I will talk about them in the proper room. I am married and my wife is also a long time rider of her oun bike(not a rocket). We don't get a lot of time to ride because we both work long hours. I am looking forward to dialog with other rocket owners. Bob
Welcome RADEMIS. Yes Rocket owners are our own breed for sure. Hopefully among the collective here your questions get answered. Looks like you are part of the first of the Rocket owners in the US. Have you had a chance to rack up many miles?
Sunshine State

Welcome Rademis and glad to have you on board. I just sold my Ft. Myers home last December after 28 years and will miss the warmth in winter and not miss the hurricanes in spring.

Right or wrong you will get some sort of answers on your problems :D... Sometimes we are actually able to help people out.

Look around, we like to do a lot of posts on rides and events, so if you can't ride a lot maybe you can drop in and live vicariously through us.. I don't have opportunity to ride a lot either... but I do what I can.

We like to shoot the BS also... You are encouraged to jump right in :)

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My Rocket III is an early one like yours, Rademis. Built in September '04 and titled a month later. It's been good d to me: A drive-train recall on its first service that I did not ask for and a broken gear engagement mechanism at 5000 miles fixed under warranty that I certainly could have done without. Yes, only that, and a few fugitive bits of chromed harware that I have since learnt to locktite plus an occasional set of spare foot pegs... but that's the hard-charging way I solo ride it on local mountain roads. No rust. No clear coat peeling off the wheels. No idling issues. No unusual ;) noises or vibrations. No nothing to lament .

Definitely the most pleasurable and magnificent mount I have ever owned in 39 years of biking.

My arms about one inch longer and my under-the-helmet grin about half an inch wider than they used to be prior to my starting to ride it:D