For Sale 1998 ThunderBird Sport

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Nov 22, 2008
Nampa, Idaho
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Spring is coming.

I've been riding this bike and have put about 500 miles on it since the first of the year. It is a hoot to ride and the handling is awesome.
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Apr 4, 2020
I am ready to sell my 1998 Thunderbird Sport 900. I have owned it for almost 10 years. Well cared for during my ownership and recently updated with a major service. This is a Collectors bike being offered below value. The Lord gave me a good deal when I purchased the bike almost 10 years ago, so I am passing that saving on to the next owner.

EDIT: Asking $3250. Still Available 3/25/2020. I'm enjoying riding this bike. The handling is awesome. Took it out again last weekend for IVMC annual vintage bike Rally.
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When I purchased this TBS I made a change for me to ride it sitting upright instead of leaning forward over the tank. I installed higher handlebars off a Yamaha DT 250. These bars raised up my arms/hands so I could sit up straight to ride. Very pleasant riding position and the bike handles fantastic with them.

Recent Major Maintenance:
New Oil and Filter. Castrol 4T 10W/50.
New Coolant.
New Brake Pads front and rear.
New Fork Seals and Fork Oil.
New Battery.
New Carburetor Rebuild Kits.
New Fuel Petcock O Ring.
Newish Tires with about 500 Miles on them. Tires still have molding pips on them.

900 cc Double Overhead Cam Inline Triple Cylinder Engine. Smooth. Just over 34,000 Miles
6 Speed Transmission.
Excellent Handling Frame and Suspension.
Fully Adjustable Suspension.
Akront Aluminum 17 Inch Wheels.
Avon Storm 2 Ultra Tires. Excellent Handling Tires.
Dual Disc Front Brakes and Single Disc Rear Brake.
Paint in Excellent Condition. Bright Red with Black Scallops and Silver Stripe.
Triumph Tank Knee Pads
Corbin Dual Tour Leather Seat.
Givi Windscreen.

Thanks for looking.

1998 Triumph Thunderbird Sport 900 Triple.

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Apr 4, 2020
I am a long way away but saw your post through my search of Thunderbird Sport. I am a "mature" guy with a love of Triumphs who wants to get back into bike riding after a 50 year break. Looking at Thunderbirds. Sprints and Tigers with the Hinckley triple.
How many miles has yours on the clock. Colour scheme is great and you have obviously cherished the bike. Have you found it to be a good touring bike? The only negatives for me are the filler cap and lower range ability. You say 150 miles.

Chris M
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