Apr 18, 2007
Ringgold, GA
I'm discussing the possibility of a converting the stock 16" rear wheel into an 18" with a custom wheel shop. They do tons of the Warrior wheels taking them from 17 to 18 and making them wider to hold up 300mm rear tires, they also have to modify the swingarms on the warriors. This shop offers a variety of finishes including natural, powdercoat, and 7-layer hexavalent chrome. I have seen their chrome in person and have to say that it is some of the best in the business. Not many shops left that can do the 7- layer hexavalent process any more especially in the US. He is very interested in expanding his business into the Rocket III market. I'm trying to iron out some details with him as to the rim widths, if the taller wheel/tire combo will fit in the swingarm and some of his other concerns.

If we can get the wheels made into a 18 then that opens up a lot more tire possibilities to us.

He's not a site sponser here yet so I won't be posting his website but if it is your >>>CYCLE IMAGE<<< that concerns you, you can do a search in GOOGLE for the site.
You can post a link to their site.

This is the only other place I know of that makes (non-carbon fiber) wheels for the Rocket.

I emailed them a while back and this is what they said, this might help with wheel size suggestions...

Any of our Level I and Level II wheels on products page can be made to fit your bike. We are currently still working on our first set...getting all fitment issues taken care of. Will hopefully have some pics up within the next couple weeks. The sizes are going to be slightly different from stock as the rear wheel size does not exist in the aftermarket world. We are working on a set of 18 inch replacements. An 18x8.5 rear which would accept the Avon or Metzler 250 and 240 tires...the front we can leave as stock 17x3.5 or run the 18x3.5. The tires all have slightly lower profiles making up for the difference in larger wheel diameter as to fit under stock fenders. We will have everything finished up in the week or two...complete with recommended tire sizes. Expect prices to range from 2300.00 to 2600.00 for both wheels depending on pattern.
Thanks Brian, here's a link to their site I'm still gathering information for him so he can talk with us and at least be a little informed on what we currently have. He'll take your stock wheel, machine the rim off and then weld an 18" rim on the stock hub and spokes, so the wheel still matches the stock front.

And a pic of a warrior stock wheel widened from a 200 width to 280 and chromed
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