dave platt

  1. Dave Platt's "Patriot 3 into 3" exhaust + Penner Tune: dyno tune required?

    Hi, I searched through the forums but I couldn't find the answer... I have an R3 GT with Penner's Tune (USA) and it has been running just fantastic. Now, after almost 6000 miles, I am thinking on getting an aftermarket exhaust to let the beast's voice be heard better. I read in other posts...
  2. Dave Platt Roadster Outlaw System - Gasket Fitment Issue

    I am about to fit a Dave Platt Outlaw system in place of the TOR's the bike was fitted with. The DP system is secondhand but like new, no damage. Has anyone made the same/similar changeout? Only issue I am having is fitting the silencer/exhaust gaskets (new), I am using genuine Triumph exhaust...
  3. Intro - Hello to all R3 Owners

    Presently the owner of a 2010 R3 Roadster, Years back I rode the first R3 in Manchester (UK) when I ran the local RAT group/club. At that time I was with a Speed Triple 955i. I was blown away by the torque and the then reasonable handling of the R3. The 2010 Roadster seems to have righted the...
  4. Jimbo74

    New member looking for tuning advice.

    Hello all. Im in the U.K. and I have a2015 roadster which I imported from Australia. I’ve just fit Dave Platt Outlaw exhausts and already have a K&N filter. I’m hoping somebody can help me with some tuning advice as I’m starting to get confused. I took it to a local dyno tuner but he wouldn’t...
  5. AussieMick

    Dave Platt Shorty Outlaws- For Sale

    SOLD (Pending) Gents, I have a barely used full set of DP Shorty Outlaws- with Crossover sitting in the shed in Adelaide Australia. I think I paid about $1200 delivered from the UK and used for about a month before the neighbours got the ****s with my 0400h starts (don't blame them). Normal...
  6. Martin-Brighton-uk

    For Sale Dave Platt Exhausts

    As on my eBay ad: Triumph Rocket 3 Custom Exhaust DP Dave Platt | eBay New they are £669.00 plus shipping. Mine as good as new, less that half that. Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster
  7. Kevm

    For Sale Roadster Dave Platt cans, link pipe and Ramair - NOW SOLD

    Dave Platt cans, link pipe and Ramair (breather filter isn't in the pic but I have it). I have the Tuneecu map for 2012 Roadster done on a Dyno. You can see the cans fitted on my avatar. £500 for everything including UK mainland shipping. I'd rather sell them together but might split if...
  8. Big Si

    Dave Platt "shotgun" pipes

    Hi All, Ordered some of the above a few days ago, the bike is on the lift eagerly awaiting their arrival!!:cool:
  9. Hubguru

    R3R with Ramair and Dave Platt slip-on video with sound.

    Uploaded video to show sound notes of the new Dave Platt slip-on single. Dyno chart as well: I've had a lot of bikes and upgrades, ramair plus slip-on and dyno tune is hands down the most bang for the buck over any of my previous bike upgrades. The rocket really comes alive, quicker...
  10. Huffa

    Little help with outlaw pipes please

    Hi all I've just installed a set of Dave platt outlaw exhausts and k&n filter on a 14 plate rocket roadster as I'm sure a lot of people have but I'm getting loads of black smoke which I guess is from over fueling. Got an ecu cable on the way so I was wondering if anyone can point me in the...
  11. Twiz003

    David Platt short exhaust 2004

    Hi all, Just fitted these stunning pipes and cat bypass manifold, running the Tor tune but believe it to be a tad weak. Posted a couple of months ago. Had struck up conversation with Hans but all went quite and therefore still stuck with original Tor tune. Anyone got a copy of a closer ECU...