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  1. Plow Horse

    Smart turn system
  2. Plow Horse

    Smart turn system

    I fitted on to a Roadster
  3. Plow Horse

    Dash Cam

    Thinking about installing a camera system on Edsel. I don’t have any experience with any of the different systems available. If anyone has or is using a camera system on their bike, would you recommend that system or suggest a different system and why. Thanks for your reply in advance
  4. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

    Joined the keyless crowd today. Digital Guard Dawg system arrived last Saturday but wasn’t able to install until Sunday. Unfortunately the T-harness that was sent didn’t match the connector on my bike. Monday morning called the tech support and was asked to send a picture of what was sent and...
  5. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition

    Who says crime doesn’t pay 🤣 Install of DGD went south immediately this mornin. T harness that goes in between the connector going to the right bar controls didn’t match the connector on Edsel. Going to have to give them a call tomorrow. Was soooo close to being keyless.
  6. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition

    My Digital Guard Dawg, just showed up today. Install tomorrow. Very anxious to get it installed. Then the only thing I will need the key for is to lock the bars.
  7. Plow Horse

    Belly Pan install

    Now that’s using your noggin 🧐
  8. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

  9. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

    Ordered the Digital Dawg system today. It looks to be a good system. We’ll see. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

    You’ve piqued my interest. Ken please chime in at any time.
  11. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

    Anyone have any experience with a keyless ignition system, other than the DeCosse system? The only other one I have come across is the Digital Dawg system. Of those two from what I have read I would prefer the DeCosse but unfortunately he is not producing these at this time. Me being impatient...
  12. Plow Horse

    Foolish boredom

    Yep your right! It is really nice and fun to watch someone’s face when they see you take you seat off by pushing a button. Amplink makes it nice. Set an off delay so the switch will keep working after you turn off the ignition, for whatever time you set.
  13. Plow Horse

    What did you do to your Rocket today?

    I used these brackets to mount an overflow tank to OEM bars. $27
  14. Plow Horse

    Im looking to increase performance

    Looking for ideas to create and then implement a plan for Edsel. I am not concerned with top end speed what so ever. What I am after is getting from 0 to 120 as fast as possible. I’m a light to light kinda guy. There are a few guys out there that can steer me in the right direction your...
  15. Plow Horse

    Foolish boredom

    As of late I am finding myself in a weird position, waiting for parts to arrive to do the 6th cam cover gasket for 2020, and having all the stuff done in prep for dyno tuning. And I am one that can’t sit still, need a project. I saw a video on YouTube by DeCosse where he had automated his seat...
  16. Plow Horse


    Kuryakyn adapters and Arlen Ness mirrors, here.
  17. Plow Horse

    No more Mickey Mouse ears

    Got an early Christmas present from my son. He said he saw these Arlen Ness mirrors and they reminded him of a Union Jack. got some adapters and no more Mickey Mouse ears.
  18. Plow Horse

    Radiator fan question

    Thank you John Miller. That is what I found out from Triumph also.
  19. Plow Horse

    Radiator fan question

    Have not applied the silver bullet (old cover) yet. Cooperating so as to stay within warranty
  20. Plow Horse

    Radiator fan question

    Can you show me where that there arsehole might be? I’d like to put my foot in it. Side stand switch took a ****e now. I hate this bike, I hate bike, I hate this bike and as icing on the cake. The powers that be at Triumph, decided that the Cam cover and gasket need to be changed again...
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