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    lowered price on leather jacket

    Hey guys, I lowered the price on my leather jacket in the classifieds to $200 which includes shipping. Don't miss out on this deal. Dave
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    Rocket 3 leather jacket, come on guys!

    I put a leather jacket in the classifieds, and had 50 lookers and no bites. This jacket is super nice, you don't want to miss out on this deal. Is it priced too high? I will work with you. The only reason I am selling it is because it is a 44 and is too big and doesn't fit me right. I...
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    Hey All, check out my stuff for sale in the Classifieds section. You won't want to miss out. Thanks, Dave
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    Vehicle speed sensor intermittent

    My speedo has been dropping out so I attached the Tuneboy to the bike and it told me that I had code P1500 vehicle speed sensor fault. I checked the sensor and all seemed ok. I was wondering if anyone has had to replace the sensor and if I am heading in the right direction with this...
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    speedometer died

    Just got back from my first ride of the season, and about half way into the ride, the speedometer died. The odometer displays but does not change. Any suggestions as to what may be the problem. 06 Classic
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    scala rider

    Have any of you guys tried the scala rider bluetooth headsets that are supposed to communicate with bluetooth devices and the passenger? I would like to try one if it is worth the money. I have tried these types of things in the past with very little success. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    weird brake pad issue

    Friday I rode the beast to work and heard a weird noise coming from the back end so I hit the rear brake, thought it might be sticking and the noise stopped. Forgot about it. Saturday I went to fill up with gas, gonna take the wife for a ride in the country and heard it again. Well what the...
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    intermittent starter

    I have a problem with the starting system that just started today. I turn the key on and speedometer lights come on, fuel pump primes, headlights come on but when I push the starter nothing happens. Turn everything off and back on and the starter may work and it may not. Last time I tried it...
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    Moonshine run

    Just got back from the Moonshine Run in Central Illinois. Had to be a ton of bikes of all makes and sizes. This is the biggest rally that I have attended. I did see one other Rocket 3 Classic black and white and was wondering if the owner was a member of this forum. He had some neat...
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    ? about Aquabox

    Has anyone had experience with the aquabox. I purchased one and I can't figure out how to run the power cord into the unit. There is one hole below where the mounting ball fits on, but you can't put the mounting ball on when you have a cord in there. And besides, the connector can't fit...
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    It's not who has the fastest bike, but who has more guts.

    I pulled up to the last stoplight in town yesterday and 3 Harleys pulled up behind me. So I had to get on it when the light turned green. Well the race was on. It was in and out of traffic for the next 10 miles with me leading all the way. Well ahead was a construction zone. I slowed down...
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    front axle

    Does anybody know the correct size hex bit socket I need to remove the front axle. I was thinking it was 19mm but I am not sure. I will need a new front tire soon and would like to have the correct tool. Thanks Dave
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    battery observations

    I have my stock R3 battery on a battery tender all winter long. Last week I tried to start it and it did not have enough umph to turn the motor fast enough for it to start. Yesterday I put a regular charger on it at 10 amps for one hour and the motor turned fast and started right up. It is my...
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    shopping help-tires

    I am needing a new front tire and I know you guys know who has the lowest price. The lowest I have found is a metz for $165.00. I would like to pay less. Help. Thanks
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    RAA spring 2010

    I was wondering if there has been a date set for this event. I am requesting days off work this week and I need to know. I think I recall talk about Eastern Kentucky. I don't really need a location at this point just a date. If I don't request the days now I may not be able to get them...
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    I am an idiot.

    I had a little problem, thought the head gasket was leaking at the right rear of the engine. So in my infinite wisdom I thought I would tighten up the head bolts (I thought the shop may have not torqued them properly when I had it in there last). So I looked in the service manual and (this is...
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    question for you darksiders

    Do you guys worry about the tire washing out on a curve? Do you still scrape floorboards or foot pegs regularly without worry? My local tire guy is getting me a Cooper Zeon 2XS and will be mounting it next week. I just hope I like it. In the back of my mind I still worry. Can someone put my...
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    gps VS odo

    I went for a ride the other day and when I got back the GPS unit said I went 150 miles and the odometer said that I went 140 miles. I reset them at the same time when I filled up with gas. Whats up with that!!! The speedometers on both units are spot on. Can you shed any light on this one...
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    output shaft bearing problem

    I just wanted to let everyone that was at RAA 4 about my experience with my dealer concerning my output shaft bearing problem that surfaced at RAA 4. I rode the bike to my dealer on Tuesday after work. My complaint about a strange noise coming from the bike was answered "well that's a big...
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    WTS Highway Pegs

    I have a new set of Kuryakyn Longhorn Offset Dually Highway Pegs #4575 1-1/4" mounts that I want to sell. I will take $100.00 for them and pay the shipping. I just did not like the way my legs were spread out like that (like I was ready for the gynecologist or something). I don't think highway...
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