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  1. Plow Horse

    Keyless ignition.

    Anyone have any experience with a keyless ignition system, other than the DeCosse system? The only other one I have come across is the Digital Dawg system. Of those two from what I have read I would prefer the DeCosse but unfortunately he is not producing these at this time. Me being impatient...
  2. Plow Horse

    Im looking to increase performance

    Looking for ideas to create and then implement a plan for Edsel. I am not concerned with top end speed what so ever. What I am after is getting from 0 to 120 as fast as possible. I’m a light to light kinda guy. There are a few guys out there that can steer me in the right direction your...
  3. Plow Horse

    Foolish boredom

    As of late I am finding myself in a weird position, waiting for parts to arrive to do the 6th cam cover gasket for 2020, and having all the stuff done in prep for dyno tuning. And I am one that can’t sit still, need a project. I saw a video on YouTube by DeCosse where he had automated his seat...
  4. Plow Horse

    No more Mickey Mouse ears

    Got an early Christmas present from my son. He said he saw these Arlen Ness mirrors and they reminded him of a Union Jack. got some adapters and no more Mickey Mouse ears.
  5. Plow Horse

    Radiator fan question

    Factory setting the fan comes on at 103C. Can someone tell me at what temp does the fan turn off. I am noticing somethings that I am finding a bit puzzling. Dealership installed a digital temp gauge on Edsel last week to help monitor the demons that possesses him. I have the fan temp set to...
  6. Plow Horse

    TuneECU Android

    I see TuneECU is available on Amazon now. For those wanting to use a Kindle Fire to run TuneECU 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. No more having to jailbreak it to install Play Store.
  7. Plow Horse

    A picture I couldn’t resist taking

  8. Plow Horse

    Plowing ahead with improvements.

    Just ordered my birthday present (a little early). Edsel is getting a PC V installed whether he likes it or not. And a trip to the dyno shop. I’m running HansO tune, bike runs well but I think it can be tweaked to be better.
  9. Plow Horse

    Brake pads...again ?

    That time again. Edsel is in need of new brake shoes on the rear. I swear this bike gives a whole new meaning to consumable goods. Worse than a printer going through toner
  10. Plow Horse

    Sad sight

    Saw a sad thing this afternoon. New Rocket 3 up on a lift at the dealership stripped down and the engine removed. Was told it was leaking oil through porous casting. Not good!
  11. Plow Horse

    My original thoughts on the Rocket 3 Roadster over a year ago

    In July my faithful Yamaha spontaneously combusted. It was a very sad day. But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining. A bit of searching on the net and I found a new bike (a very special bike) at a dealership just a few miles away. So off we went, Patty and I to go view this...
  12. Plow Horse

    Crankcase Vent pickle

    Need a bit of advise/help. Took out the Tupperware and installed K&N filters today. Lengthened the IAT sensor wire and put the sensor in a K&N 62-1560 filter. Remapped the ECU with one of Hanso‘s tune. And all is great. Except that GD Crankcase vent :mad: got the original hose to pop off with...
  13. Plow Horse

    Changing tail light

    Tomorrow Edsel is getting a new/different tail light.
  14. Plow Horse

    Crossover pipe Manufacturer?

    Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this crossover pipe from the picture. what I know about it is, that it came from Australia and its stainless steel. I‘m just curious.
  15. Plow Horse

    Want to Buy Tail light ***No Longer Needed***

    In need of a tail light lense.
  16. Plow Horse

    Backup ride

    We bought the wife a toy today, it will also serve as backup for the next time Edsel comes up lame. :oops:
  17. Plow Horse

    Oil leak - Arrrggghhh!

    Here we go again.
  18. Plow Horse

    1 year anniversary

    I picked up my Roadster 1 year ago today. 15,000 miles later I still have The Rocket grin. :thumbsup:
  19. Plow Horse

    Crossover pipe

    I have a 2017 Roadster that I am going to put K&N filters (2780’s under the claw) and TORs on. Remap with Hans0 tune for 2014+ Roadster, TORs, triple/Ramair filters, ect.. Install a PC-V and have it dyno tuned at a shop. Two questions for you folks that know way more than I do. 1. Is this...
  20. Plow Horse


    I’m an on the first open road trip with Edsel. Normally I get 26mpg in town stop and go traffic. First couple tanks on this trip got 38mpg. And the last tank going from Rifle, CO to Denver, CO He got 47mpg :)
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