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  1. Jason Jurgens

    More electrical questions

    I wouldn't use the light circuits to power anything other than lights. It's so easy to run a separate fused power source from the battery and use a relay to switch them on and off. With a little planning and sound electrical practices you can do almost anything with very little cost. Remote...
  2. Jason Jurgens

    Parasitic Drain, 2014 Rocket III Touring - Mystery: Multimeter shows zero draw with the key out

    Next step is to make sure the battery is fully charged, measure the voltage then disconnect and let stand for a few days again, then measure the voltage again. If your multimeter shows no current drain, even no milliamps ( I would expect to see between 30 and 100 milliamps at least to supply...
  3. Jason Jurgens

    Parasitic Drain, 2014 Rocket III Touring - Mystery: Multimeter shows zero draw with the key out

    So, have you left the multimeter connected and walked away for a while? This will confirm or quash your theory about a phantom drain. I had a pickup that would kill the battery after it stood for more than 7 days. It was a relay for the second battery system that would switch on after 5 minutes...
  4. Jason Jurgens

    Parasitic Drain, 2014 Rocket III Touring - Mystery: Multimeter shows zero draw with the key out

    Curious as to how you measure the current draw with your multimeter? Not meaning to offend but have seen lots of guys get it wrong.
  5. Jason Jurgens

    Would like to "freshen" my 1-owner, 1984 Honda CB-125S

    Back on the road...waiting for parts to arrive but these are just for looks.
  6. Jason Jurgens

    Would like to "freshen" my 1-owner, 1984 Honda CB-125S

    I always start with buying the workshop manual, a few tubs for spare parts and lots of pics to help with reassembly. Forums are my next source. I think there is a forum for almost every motorcycle ever made. Not sure about spares availability for your bike but I’m sure there is a guy somewhere...
  7. Jason Jurgens

    When Someone Else Does It........

    Loud horns suck big amps...the wiring design just couldn't handle anything bigger. Not without adding additional hardware.
  8. Jason Jurgens

    Piaggio scooters

    Thanks mate, I knew that one would surface. Truth be told, it’s a blast to ride. No power, wobbly at speed 80km/h) and really crappy brakes. But somehow always puts a grin on my face.
  9. Jason Jurgens

    Piaggio scooters

    Thought I’d put it out there, just to see if there are any captains who also own any Piaggio scooters. I’ve just got mine (PX150) back on the road, all 8 hp of two stroke power. 150cc of oil burning madness. 0-80km/h in a week or so. As long as it’s after Wednesday!
  10. Jason Jurgens

    Morning all

    Alway wondered what the rocket would look like with fishies. Very cool! And welcome.
  11. Jason Jurgens

    electrical problem

    What is your battery voltage, with tender disconnected?
  12. Jason Jurgens

    2.5L R3 pannier problem

    If you count from 000 to 999, with a shot of whiskey between each count, how many combinations do you think you'll get to?
  13. Jason Jurgens

    And here she is!!!!

    In Oz:
  14. Jason Jurgens

    Phone Setup on 2.5L

    I prefer this response to the previous one...usually when I'm asked about something, I just say, "cos I want to"
  15. Jason Jurgens

    My favorite R3 (2.5L) mod to date!

    very, very nice!
  16. Jason Jurgens

    R3T no start

    anything below 12.8 volts is a battery issue. Not sure what you're using to measure the battery voltage but @ 12.48 volts, it's too low.
  17. Jason Jurgens

    R3 Sales Prognistications

    In Oz it’s a $30k machine. I haven’t had the heart to go and test drive one yet as all indications shows it’s a small bike for my 6’6” frame. For that money, there are far too many choices. For now, I’ll stick to my GS. It has all the same tech. I’ve bought new models before too, and have...
  18. Jason Jurgens

    Triumph Noob

    Welcome...a Kraut with a Swedish name riding a British motorcycle!:p
  19. Jason Jurgens

    (4) 1k’s in 10 days. Hammer down

    Man, that's pretty hardcore. If you're still going to do it, water is your friend and lots of it...better than caffeine and sugar in the long run. And, a full bladder keeps you awake.
  20. Jason Jurgens

    Two wheels in TN

    Welcome...I'll wait a bit before I plunge into the new R3. I also owned a Concours..great bike. At the moment I'm loving my 1200 GS. Probably one of my favorites of all time. Has everything I need and is so agile. I miss the raw power though...
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