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  1. Eric R.

    Triumph brand panniers and racks fitted to GT

    They do make the bike look more complete from the side, even though they look small. The bike still needs fenders though.
  2. Eric R.

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring seat removal

    3/8” drive Allen socket; 6” extension on a 3/8” ratchet.
  3. Eric R.

    Cheap Mod that looks great

    Forget the bike. How about your neighbors houses! Nice. Lamont, I remember you from the Valkyrie boards, and all the nice work that you did to yours. I have owned two Valks before I came to my R3T. I feel that my Triumph is a grown up, and more refined Valkyrie. It’s why I was drawn to this...
  4. Eric R.

    Jack be quick spacers for r3t

    I disagree with the other posters. I have these risers now and yes I needed a longer cable. I tried to reroute, but at full handlebar turn, the cable was pulling too tight. I had chafing on the cable casing when I removed the stock cable after only a couple of rides. I ordered a Barnett cable...
  5. Eric R.

    Christchurch New Zealand has the new R3

    I can’t help it. It looks short fat and unfinished. Definitely not for me. Perhaps in a few years they will incorporate the new engine into a true tourer, then I may be looking at my retirement bike, but certainly not now with these models. I love my 15 r3t.
  6. Eric R.

    Took a Rocket R for a spin today

    Is that bike as small as it looks?
  7. Eric R.

    Brake bleed question

    Well I did some more searching and I think I’m all set. I even found a thread that I had commented on. I had forgotten about it. It looks like having abs really doesn’t change the way the speed bleeders would work.
  8. Eric R.

    Brake bleed question

    Hi Guys, I want to change out the brake fluid on my 2015 R3T over the winter. When I had my Valkyrie, I added Speedbleeders to the front and rear brakes and they made the job very easy. I would like to put them on my Rocket. My question is, would the procedure be any different seeing as how my...
  9. Eric R.

    Rhode Island USA

    Kojack, I live about five minutes from the Steaming Tender. We go there frequently. I like riding around the small towns all around Barre. Nice roads and no traffic
  10. Eric R.

    It’s growing on me!

    The new models aren't growing on me at all. The whole bike looks squished from front to back, and the ass end is as ugly as it gets.
  11. Eric R.

    Rhode Island USA

    Isn't the Vanilla Bean at that intersection near those private schools in Pomphret? I take that road as part of my route to Jamestown, which I usually do once per season. I'm up in Palmer, MA
  12. Eric R.

    Sump drain plug o ring question

    Warp, what do you mean by saying my tank leaked down faster than most? What is this o ring for? Doesn’t the crush washer prevent a leak onto the ground? I have no indication of oil on my garage floor.
  13. Eric R.

    Sump drain plug o ring question

    I thought it looked wrong. Thanks
  14. Eric R.

    Sump drain plug o ring question

    Hi guys, when I pulled the sump drain plug( the one with the o ring), I noticed the o ring was at the base of the threads. My question is shouldn’t it be within the groove just below that? I’m not sure f I did it wrong last time. The picture will show where it presently is. I just want to be...
  15. Eric R.

    Detent spring

    Can someone say just what year and model bikes were affected by this spring that I hear alot about?
  16. Eric R.

    Fairing for my R3T

    Sorry for the delayed response. Yes the vent helps with airflow and I really don’t get caught in the rain very often, but if I did, I would simply close it. They make great shields. I had one on my Nomad before this bike. I don’t see me spending huge bucks for a fairing. I think I’ll keep what...
  17. Eric R.

    Fairing for my R3T

    Thanks for the responses. I will do some digging. I already have a wide Clearview vented shield with be different’s deflectors. It’s a good setup. I just like the more seamless look of a fairing.
  18. Eric R.

    Fairing for my R3T

    Been tossing around the idea of a fairing for my 15 R3T. I would love some better wind protection. Boy , those Corbin’s are expensive. Anyone have an opinion on the Corbin, or maybe something else? Just looking for opinions. Thanks Eric
  19. Eric R.

    Looks wrong

    If this is the way the Rocket is going, then my 15R3T will be my only Triumph. I will keep it for a long time because it's the best I have ever had. But if I ever decide to go with something else, it won't be one of these. I am intrigued by the new automatic Wing, and I have always liked the...
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