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  1. Al Burdon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    Boog the most important rule for riding a Rocket with a chair is "Make sure its pointed in the right direction before applying the throttle". It has more than enough grunt to break traction as well as overide the steering effect of the front...
  2. Al Burdon

    Dealer tool Question

    Latest version can do it
  3. Al Burdon

    Dealer tool Question

    I use tune ecu to do it.
  4. Al Burdon

    New owner from Melbourne AU

    Welcome mate from the Mornington Peninsula
  5. Al Burdon

    Another Aussie

    Welcome from Bittern Victoria mate.
  6. Al Burdon

    Dobeck fuel module

    Mate I am on the Mornington Peninsula and have use TuneEcu with Android phone. So if you need help just sing out.
  7. Al Burdon

    For Sale SOLD Control/Foot Peg Rails L&R w/ Pegs

    In addition to the rails and pegs in the first post you will need gear pedal and bolt (roadster does not fit), brake pedal bolt and spring(roadster does not fit) brake rear master cylinder and cover(roadster does not fit). The brake line from the master cylinder to the brake light switch...
  8. Al Burdon

    Hi from Western Australia.

    Welcome from the other side of the country mate. Be careful putting it on the side stand during the hot days when the bitumen is melting.
  9. Al Burdon

    Brake bleed question

    I just bleed brakes the old fashion way. Once had to refill and bleed the tele-motor system for an aircraft carrier steering system which took two of us about 2 days with a hand pump. That experience gave be a high level of patience with bleeding hydraulic systems and the 500 ml or so in a bike...
  10. Al Burdon

    Newb to this forum (another from New Zealand)

    Welcome mate from Bittern Victoria
  11. Al Burdon

    For All the Members in New South Wales Today

    With the Catastrophic fire warning conditions today and the bush fire conditions you have been experiencing please be safe today. Look after yourselves, your families and friends as well as your fur kids.
  12. Al Burdon

    Lest we Forget

  13. Al Burdon

    Hi, R 3 R owner

    Unlike most I like riding solo but I love outfits. Have had a sidecar for probably 30 years in total and pretty much totally on car tyre rears. My R3R has had the outfit on for 2 years now (1 year solo) I have just changed the rear tyre over this week. They will wear oddly due to the bike lean...
  14. Al Burdon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    A poorly setup outfit can be compared to that shopping trolley you get with the dicky front wheel that you struggle throughout the store to control but at much higher speeds. A well setup outfit is like riding on rails and even better on dirt and slidey stuff.
  15. Al Burdon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    What is a havk???
  16. Al Burdon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    The leading link was built by the local Guru here in Victoria name of Phil Duffy. Postage to the USA would probably be a killer. You will note from the following pictures my chair is mounted on the left hand side so the mount points will differ a little for you. The triangular plates are how the...
  17. Al Burdon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    I do a few KM's of dirt road and had noticed the sever lack of clearance plus all the ding marks on the bash plate so I have fitted spacers to all 5 shocks to raise it and it allows much higer speeds on the dirt.
  18. Al Burdon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    If set up correctly with standard forks it will be heavy to handle at normal speeds and probably shake its head at slow speeds. Modifying the trail is how this is remedied. Can be done by modified fork triple trees or by leading link or even reversing the forks and adding a plate to alter the...
  19. Al Burdon

    Rocket sidecar duty

    My setup
  20. Al Burdon

    Triumph Dealer Quote

    My first check was about 20,000 KM no issues 2nd check at 45,000 KM 6 inlet shims changed (under minimum) and 4 exhaust changed (Under minimum).
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