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  1. FE_rex

    Jacks and lifts for touring

    early standard, not touring - I use JBQ rear plate and pIt bull jack (Pitbull Motorcycle Lifts) if I need to lift both wheels. I have both front and rear JBQ plates and would use scissor jack...
  2. FE_rex

    Battery maintaining

    Laptop and lead-acid are two different animals. Lead acid / agm worst enemy - low charge for extended periods of time. 2nd worst enemy - chargers with no charge control. Not unusual to see 16+ volts if this type charger left on for long time periods. Best friend - ride trips of 30+ miles every...
  3. FE_rex

    Trailered it Yet?

    Not new rocket, but single side arm. On my k1300s I just wrapped a 2” strap through wheel around tire and then tied to stake pockets on either side of trailer
  4. FE_rex

    Driver Needed for the RAA West

    Tow the Triumph behind the Indian:):)
  5. FE_rex

    For Sale OZCLAW

    Understood - just getting first in line after that:)
  6. FE_rex

    For Sale OZCLAW

    Is it in good shape? How much for shipping to 77474
  7. FE_rex

    Parasitic Drain, 2014 Rocket III Touring - Mystery: Multimeter shows zero draw with the key out

    top of your battery clean? How about humidity where bike is stored? What current range setting were you measuring and is current fuse in your multimeter good? If yes, low, mA, and yes - I got nothing
  8. FE_rex

    Another rider Gone

    The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) issued a “Red Notice” Monday seeking the arrest of U.S. citizen Anne Sacoolas, who was charged in the United Kingdom with causing the death of 19-year-old Harry Dunn by dangerous driving. | Fox News
  9. FE_rex

    Professional Photography

  10. FE_rex

    Would like to "freshen" my 1-owner, 1984 Honda CB-125S

    Ziplock bags, sharpie marker, notes in bags are your friend also. Try to include only one sub-assembly per ziplock Gallon freezer bags work best. You never know when life interrupts your project. After a year or two, sometimes the bags and notes become the memory. They don’t suffer from CRS.
  11. FE_rex

    How do i adjust the fuel light on an 05?

    Look here
  12. FE_rex

    Most Unique Pair

    Sounds like you are batting a thousand
  13. FE_rex

    Widow maker journey to the 200hp club

    you shoulda had one of these
  14. FE_rex

    Stolen 2020 TFC

    You can sometimes leverage the tick. I’ll pay on time if I can use the cash and make more money elsewhere. Also get the cheaper finance deal and pay off first month. Just make sure you do the math, check the contracts, and are sure of your risk
  15. FE_rex

    Top Speed?

  16. FE_rex

    RIP Stirling Moss

    Oh no. Definitely the great one
  17. FE_rex

    Motorcycle-riding Bond girl dies

    Just as lo Just as long as it is not David Niven or Timothy Dalton
  18. FE_rex

    New BMW R18 cruiser

    It’s to encourage you to add side car
  19. FE_rex

    Road Safety Thread

    Well more like a kicking contest
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