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  1. skydog1000

    Many thanks to all!

    Great people are on this forum
  2. skydog1000

    No ride today

  3. skydog1000

    K&N air cleaner. Are they still available?

    Amazon still has the K&N RU-2780 are still available. You will need two K&N 62-1340 and they are available on Amazon too.
  4. skydog1000

    2007 R3 Was running perfect, now I can barely keep it running?

    I would say you might want to crimp your leads while you're changing your vacuum lines and caps
  5. skydog1000

    2007 Rocket III sudden illness has me baffled? Help keep my money out of stealerships pockets.

    I would first raise the tank and crimp the leads. Then I would change the vacuum lines make sure to change the plugs on the carburetor too. It really sounds like your leads needing crimped.
  6. skydog1000

    New here and very new to Rocket 3

    Calling @1olbull can you get your tuner in touch with @Seattle Flame Rocket 3
  7. skydog1000

    New Shocks on the XS1100

    The bike runs like a two stroke hit 3500 RPMS and the bike will leap. I can just set there and rock it back and forth out of the two stroke mode. My GF hates me when I would do that.
  8. skydog1000

    New Shocks on the XS1100

    This was my XS 1100 had a blast on the beast.
  9. skydog1000

    No riders' group for Oklahoma ?

    Good to see you Sonny
  10. skydog1000

    My version of the Eastern Beaver instructions

    Yes you deleted the two small parking lights. Just cut the wires and leave the lights in the bucket.
  11. skydog1000

    Hello to all ,I'm lawrence

    Welcome from the great state of Oklahoma
  12. skydog1000

    Support your local businesses

    Need a unlike button for the Lupe Biden :banghead:
  13. skydog1000


    Yes I loved my XS1100 to till I got the Rocket
  14. skydog1000


    Was that a XS1100
  15. skydog1000

    New clothing for 2.5 L Rockets

    Yes FATBOY in public
  16. skydog1000

    100 year old man still riding

    At least he didn't call you FATBOY LOL
  17. skydog1000

    100 year old man still riding

    Looks like coon ass from Louisiana.
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