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  1. Tripps

    Hey from East Tennesse!

    Welcome to the forum
  2. Tripps

    Best rear shocks for 2006 regardless of cost

    I have Hagon Nittos, they're better than stock, but I suspect there's better ones, I've heard Wilburs spoken highly of.
  3. Tripps

    Going to do some Rocket Drag Racing at FireBird

    Carpenter can fix this for you. ;)
  4. Tripps

    Head count WV

    It breaks my heart to cancel at this late date, but I think I have to. My well casing collapsed yesterday and it looks like I'm going to have to drill a new well, I was pushing it financially already, but no way I can afford it now. Ironically, I fell getting out of the bathtub the day before...
  5. Tripps

    Chirps from the engine while under load

    Luckily all my high frequency hearing is gone, I don't hear the crickets
  6. Tripps

    Drive splines dry!

    I think they're almost always dry, but the molybdenum residue should still provide lubrication.
  7. Tripps

    Belt Chirp

    Necroposting, last post was 5 years ago.
  8. Tripps

    New AntiGravity Restart Battery

    I took bags and mounts, hitch, windshield and passenger floorboards and rack off mine, 106 lbs, and no more high speed wobble to boot.
  9. Tripps

    Sold my Repsol and got....

    Mine are getting long in the tooth, my 2010 Rocket is the newest, I definitely wouldn't.
  10. Tripps

    looking into mild upgrades for 2011 R3T "Dacey"

    I hated the stock bars, classic bars and rivco risers we're the best mod I made
  11. Tripps

    Head count WV

    There may be cookies....
  12. Tripps

    Driver Needed for the RAA West

    I'd love to sit on the towed bike going down the road and watch people's reaction.
  13. Tripps

    Driver Needed for the RAA West

    I'll be on my BMW, who cares, as long as you come. Edit: oh, this is West, I may bring the Rocket.
  14. Tripps

    **SOLD** 2013 R3T Stock Windscreen (SOLD)

    Hmm, I only have 5 windshields, could always use another....
  15. Tripps

    Driver Needed for the RAA West

    As Bones used to say, " my God Jim, I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker". It would probably be cheaper if he rode out and bought a new truck and trailer when he got there, and just left it.
  16. Tripps


    Fixed it Did someone mention a fifth?
  17. Tripps

    For those of you who golf

    On a really uneven table
  18. Tripps

    Head count WV

    I'll pick up his slack with the quart jar....
  19. Tripps

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    I got an answer at that new number I posted
  20. Tripps

    For those of you who golf

    Golf? OMG, that's horrible
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