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  1. gadget_ho

    TPMS or not?

    Firstly, it is optional, won't come on a stock bike. Second, they all have 90 degree metal valve stems, as the TPMS sensor is inside the rim. Third, they should have a sticker on the rim next to the valve to warn anyone changing a tyre that it has a sensor.
  2. gadget_ho

    Replaced my mirrors today

    You don't like my taste in mirrors? This is the internet so we can't be friends now and I will be putting a snarky comment on all your posts from now on! :p
  3. gadget_ho

    Replaced my mirrors today

    A little more, but lots of people flip the stock mirrors around so the narrower end is inwards. In that config, the round would be about the same. But that would look weird on your sport mirrors as they are not symmetrical. You can swivel the mounts up or down as well to raise or lower where the...
  4. gadget_ho

    Replaced my mirrors today

    I got the round sport mirrors and didn't have to get them separately? Not sure why yours were missing.
  5. gadget_ho


    I have a Sena 10U in my helmet, and have had both an iPhone 12 Pro Max and now a 15 Pro Max connected to the bike, as well as a GoPro 8. I had to delete all connections between the Sena and everything else (and forget it in the phone), then pair in the order you mention - Sena, then phone, then...
  6. gadget_ho

    My carbon parts are here.

    Those are the Lamonster tank pads, they are smaller than the Trikstore ones. I bought both, stuck with the Trik. I have had CarbonFBR carbon parts on for the better part of 18 months, still holding up awesome. My dealer mis-mounted the exhaust mid-guard when they did the brake recall last year...
  7. gadget_ho


    It happened to one of mine early on, so yeah, it's a thing. Take pics, show the dealer. They'll probably replace it.
  8. gadget_ho

    engine opening

    The service manual is in the files section of the Rocket 3 FB group, maybe start there: Rocket 3 Owners Group
  9. gadget_ho

    Basic TuneECU Questions

    FWIW, I did the Penner tune, and was also the idiot who discovered you should NOT reset adaptions as you have to reset the crank position sensor. Covered it on my channel here: Rocket 3R Custom Tune To your questions: 1. Yes, you need the ignition "on" to flash it. The TuneECU instructions...
  10. gadget_ho

    the sissy bar for Rocket 3 GT

    @zenbiker might have one... ;)
  11. gadget_ho

    Rumors of a new Rocket 3 refresh model

    I spoke to my dealer her in Oz, and they said Triumph would have to show cause that the tune caused a failure to deny warranty. Easy to do if you shred the final drive, hard to do if your instrument cluster cracked as examples. Even when I flashed mine in warranty, the dealer still did brake...
  12. gadget_ho

    its official Triumph releases R3 Storm

    While I do like the matt blue look, I am undecided on whether I prefer above (R style) or below (GT style)?
  13. gadget_ho

    its official Triumph releases R3 Storm

    The straight conversion never works, I think we do a good deal better down here in the under-globe realms on the straight conversion. :cool: As the Oz pricing is online, you're probably better looking at the starting price differential we get and convert that - assuming like Oz your prices...
  14. gadget_ho

    its official Triumph releases R3 Storm

    I just like how much the Rocket has increased in price here in the ~4 years since it landed. To quote an article on the R and GT pricing "destined to hit Aussie showrooms in the first quarter of 2020 from $29,990 ride away and $30,900 ride away respectively". I just priced up a Storm R with the...
  15. gadget_ho

    Battery charging port installation.

    You only have to take the side cover off to access it. It's the routing down to the mounting location and the fitting of the rubber boot that is the PITA. Triumph's instructions aren't that helpful either: You can see the cable fished out towards the end of the update video I did a while back...
  16. gadget_ho

    TSA - Transmission fault

    It shouldn’t need it, didn’t for me.
  17. gadget_ho

    TSA - Transmission fault

    Glad you got it sorted. The QS is awesome, I’m sure you’ll love it. Once you’ve run the bike in, pinning the throttle and just flicking up through the gears makes it feel like a dragster. 😏🚀
  18. gadget_ho

    Penner maps

    Depending where you are, your GT according to your VIN will have either 31012 (ROW) or 31013 (US/Canada) and the Penner maps are on the TuneECU custom tunes page at Custom Tunes
  19. gadget_ho


    The number of things "optional" depend on which variant you get, but BT and TSA (QS) are optional for both the GT and R. So I had to option the heated grips, screen and backrest on my R that are standard on the GT. I also have the QS and BT, and everyone is right, the QS is the better spend if...
  20. gadget_ho

    Done deal

    Well done, R for the Win! Now, wander over to CarbonFBR and start choosing your next wallet emptying purchases! :p