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  1. Michael_G

    Getting older

    ...and Thank You! for what you do... :thumbsup: -MIG
  2. Michael_G

    Getting older

    You all make me feel so young... at 53... :p But after a week of 13+ hour days... every week, I look forward to a good 9-12 hours of sleep on Friday night... plus naps on Sun :) Sometimes a 10min power nap at work when no one is looking is what's needed to make it through the day. I'm...
  3. Michael_G


    WELCOME! to our R3 forum family from Miami. ...and I'm sure you are enjoying you new Permanent Grin! :cool: Happy Thanksgiving!! -MIG
  4. Michael_G

    centre stand

    Morning. This is definitely not a genuine part for an R3 as Triumph did not make a center stand for our beasts. There are some third part stands that do not stay connected to the bike as well as some lifting brackets that do; however, those brackets are for use with an external jack. -MIG
  5. Michael_G


    WELCOME! to the R3 family from Miami. I started reading your post too fast and first read "20 year old"...Heh! :rolleyes::D -MIG
  6. Michael_G

    Greetings from south central Kansas

    WELCOME! to the R3 family from Miami... and ENJOY your new Permanent Grin :cool: -MIG
  7. Michael_G

    Greetings from Poland

    She looks AGGRESSIVELY GOOD!! WELCOME! to our forum family from Miami, Florida... :cool:
  8. Michael_G

    What a view!!!

    AMEN Brother! -MIG
  9. Michael_G

    Greetings from South Florida

    ...because we all know it's the fastest color :sneaky: -MIG
  10. Michael_G

    Waiting for New Bike

    Yours is taking longer because it's got that "Extra Special Something" only you will recognize.... worth every second! :thumbsup::cool: -MIG
  11. Michael_G

    First round of tools showed up.

    What my wife knows, is every time I work on one of our 2 or 4 wheeled girlfriends... some new device or tool set is almost always needed... :whitstling::cool: -MIG
  12. Michael_G

    New member!

    WELCOME! to the family from Miami, FL... How long have you had you pride and and joy? Where in Arizona? ...I met my bride in Tucson; back in the day... :cool: -MIG
  13. Michael_G

    Waiting for rain to subside before first ride

    Evening... and WELCOME! from Miami, Florida... :cool: -MIG
  14. Michael_G

    Recommend a battery maintainer.

    I've had one for 11 years, one for 7 years and the third for 5 years each purchased when I added a bike to my stable (one recycled after I traded my Thunderbird for my R3T). So far so good; though I suspect the BatteryMinder I mentioned earlier has the prospect of doing a more thorough job with...
  15. Michael_G

    Recommend a battery maintainer.

    Here! HERE! -MIG
  16. Michael_G

    New R3 on the way!

    WELCOME! to our R3 family. I see from your photo you've already installed your new Permanent Grin... Be sure to share your photos of the one that becomes yours. BTW, good to know you'll have the fastest color... ;) What other bikes have you enjoyed? I may add a new R3 to the stable one day...
  17. Michael_G

    Large man needs help.

    WELCOME!! from Miami Florida. It takes a bit of hunting sometimes; but I'm sure you'll find what you need or a direction to them from folks here in short order... -MIG
  18. Michael_G

    Greetings from South Florida

    WELCOME! to the R3 family from Miami Florida.... Enjoy your new Permanent Grin :cool: -MIG
  19. Michael_G

    Recommend a battery maintainer.

    Battery Tender Plus has been my go-to for years. The only other one I've purchased is for my brides Dodge Challenger and it was well more than $50 (happy with it though). BatteryMINDer Model 128CEC1 12V 2/4/8 AMP Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator from Impact Battery -MIG
  20. Michael_G


    WELCOME! from Miami, Florida... :cool: -MIG
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