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  1. Frans

    Can a Rocket III take down the establishment, and rule this island

    @R-III-R Turbo thanks for the write-up!
  2. Frans

    Stalling on a 2006 RIII

    tons of pages about it and possible solution Stalling seems to be happening when cleaning the bike and bending even so slightly the metal tab
  3. Frans

    Can a Rocket III take down the establishment, and rule this island

    o_O euh...but if you are looking for 16psi (1100hpa) and stock can do 1200hpa switching back to stock means you don't have to change the map tables? is that then not less work? and the 1.2 stock version has a better fine-reading due to 5 volt for 1200 and not 5 volt for 2600. way out of my...
  4. Frans

    New here with Rocket 3 R

    Welcome from France, nice intro :D
  5. Frans

    Rear brake gone.

    1 and 6 are the same issue, also most report here that the bleeding procedure has been adjusted by Triumph Recall for 2020 Rocket 3 Rear Brake
  6. Frans

    Ram air

    looks more like the OZ claw Has anyone seen a modified, ( or "modded" ), a bear claw?
  7. Frans

    Sold my 2021 Rocket 3 GT :D
  8. Frans

    Stepper motor regulation problems

    I thought that the primary goal was to get .12 between them whatever the starting point was? So when at .60 try to get to .72 and when at .62 try to get .74 etc Found it again Engine Idle Question remark made by @R-III-R Turbo
  9. Frans

    Windows 10 Tuneecu help

    go to resources TuneECU v2.5.5
  10. Frans

    Hi from The Netherlands

    Welcome from France
  11. Frans

    Not motorcycle related

    Do you have a link to the test? edit: found it How Long Can an EV Keep the Cabin Warm When It's Cold Out? We Found Out
  12. Frans

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome From France
  13. Frans

    Penner tune on a 2023 GT

    not really, i know of a 4200cc 6 cyl engine that "only" has 130hp (200ftlb). Why? because it ridiculously reliable and will last an easy 500K,
  14. Frans

    Penner tune on a 2023 GT

    Not my opinion. If they did not helt back on the power then they would not have complied with euro-5 emission standards and that would have been the end of the Rocket, same as what happened to the v-max (euro-4)...
  15. Frans

    Is this an Intervention??

    Welcome from France
  16. Frans

    250 cc vs 2500 cc

    15cc How to Calculate Engine Horsepower from Displacement
  17. Frans

    250 cc vs 2500 cc

    Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5,252 Rev your rocket @ 10k rpm and you will have all the hp you want.
  18. Frans

    Penner tune on a 2023 GT

    I'm only installing a timing belt not altering the timing......same analogy
  19. Frans

    190hp with a tune and air filter? Stage 1

    from their website Triumph Rocket III Tuning (english)
  20. Frans

    Lemon Law Rockets

    Had a dealer looking after my pajero 3.0v6 they made the car into an undrivable piece of crap after a euro 1000,- repair and told me that it was good for scraps. Really liked the car so had it sitting in the driveway for over a year thinking about what to do with it. Fellow came along asking if...