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  1. Poor Nigel...LONG!!

    :shock: WOW now that Really f#*ks with my head :roll: mikeg
  2. Funny about that

    :( We all Know that the speedo runs slow, but isn't facinating how accurate the odometer is on the same instrument feeding from the same signal. Is Triumph being nice to the speed demons?
  3. No. 2 to get on members list

    :) Hi fella's this is to get on the members list (2 posts) but I still can't upload photos :confused:
  4. mikeg_capel

    here we go, here we go, here we go. Are we there yet :p
  5. Rocket O2 Sensor

    :D Way to go G-Man real time madness
  6. Touring Rocket

    There are many ways of making your bike up to two weeks, I have found it. Is all I need is a airhawk to keep my arse in tact. Anyway enough of that, here is alink that will give you 75 litres of storarage for less than 300 Bucks Aus. more to come, put file gives me the ****s with file size I...
  7. Headlight Modulators Hit Out

    Well I have put them to the test three times down here now amongst fairly heavy tourist traffic and all I can say is I am very encouraged, although you sometimes think to yourself is everyone being good today or is it my imagination, but one thing that is concrete and that is I always try to...
  8. Tank Pad

    Anyone got a piccy of the tank pads as the triumph page has got a java error on that page. Thanks Mike
  9. Headlight Modulators

    Well I finally got round to fitting my comagination headlight modulators. The only problem with fitting to the Rocket is that the plugs must be disassembled so the wires can be fed individually into the back of each headlight (you will also need approx. 2 foot of 1/2" split flexible conduit to...
  10. Parts Manual whilst we are rolling

    :D Not to be a greedy sort of person but if we are on a roll I think we should go for the full set. Then us bush bunnies can call up our Trumpie dealer from far far away and say I want a 02345-678-9012 Rev.2 now that will help the legend. waddya reckon
  11. Firing Order

    I Know the Rocket has 120 degree crank. Great Pot 1 fire's the crank has another 720 degrees before pot 1 fires again, so whats the firing order. I know the GP MV's of the middle too late sixtees offset one piston for even power flow. So what does our bloved Rocket actually do? Mike P.S...
  12. Does the Rocket wet sump?

    I have been thinking about our other Captains experiences and indeed my own when I overfilled it (see previous post). Then I cast my mind back to the sixties, my Vellocette venom wet sumped (allowed oil to pass from the tank to the sump through the pump when at rest) about half a pint a...