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  1. xhdskip

    How about REintroduce yourself?

    Hey guys, Remember me? For the old timers on here who remember, I backed out of the forum a few years ago when I started a new project. I was building a generator that required no fuel, but would put out usable 110 and 220 AC power. The only one who has seen it from the forum, is Lupe. But...
  2. xhdskip

    Exhaust upgrade

    Went through 6 sets of exhaust before I got the one I like, still got some of them. What do you think you might like?
  3. xhdskip

    New from Washington,

    Well Welcome from Oklahoma. Hate that you're only here to sell parts, wish you could have joined us a few years back.
  4. xhdskip

    Let me introduce myself

    Howdy from sunny Oklahoma, ride safe
  5. xhdskip

    For Sale Guess I'll sell 1 Black Rocket, and the motor off a Red one

    Yea the gas cap assembly is good on the red one, but I don't have any idea where the key to it is.
  6. xhdskip

    For Sale Guess I'll sell 1 Black Rocket, and the motor off a Red one

    Hi guys, been awhile since I been on here. Seen alot of new (at least to me) names when I logged on. Been busy the last few years trying to get my generator into a sellable condition. Safety, looks, ease of operation, etc. Haven't taken time to ride in a few years now, looked at the tag the...
  7. xhdskip

    Returning kiwi

    Welcome back sir. I jump in and out myself quite alot for the last several years, so, I understand. Life has it's hills and valleys, but at least you can get your mind right again. Nothing else is a R3, NOTHING compares. Welcome back from North of Tulsa, Oklahoma MERICA
  8. xhdskip

    Just finished upgrading the X

    which one you think he's interested in, the little 3,000 watt unit, the mid sized 10,000 watt unit, or the 20,000 watt unit? Sure wish you would have taken some pictures or video.
  9. xhdskip

    Just finished upgrading the X

    Lupe, That X sure looked good yesterday my brother. That other X, ole 74, and you scaring them harley riders? Gee, now when I pull up to Route 66 H-D on the triclops i'm gonna have to NOT pop wheelies leaving the parking lot..... . . BTW, now that you seen the little generator, like I've been...
  10. xhdskip

    Maggie valley June 2019

    Hi guys and STB, Hope All ya'll are well. Just had Lupe, his wife, and a friend ride up. First time I've seen his new X and dang she is pretty. He just stopped in to make sure I was still alive, I think, lol. I finally got to show him my generator i've been trying to get him to come see for a...
  11. xhdskip

    Rocket Sightings

    Haven't went through all 22 pages yet, just logged back on after a short time away so, the guy may already be a member here, but I saw 1 in Collinsville, Oklahoma for two weeks running now. This week, I'm gonna find a place to park my truck and go introduce myself if it's there again.
  12. xhdskip

    Gawd (y)- who would buy that?

    A "little" artistic license, no big deal, the bloke made it his own.... Nothing wrong with a little individually....
  13. xhdskip

    Me and The Warp9.9

    Red faster than BLACK??? I had both so this is the voice of experience talking, you heard wrong....;)
  14. xhdskip

    Head count for raa east 2018

    770 miles from our house to the city limits, 12 hours 29 minutes. Don't know if the new wife is ready for that kind of ride. Guess we'll find out....
  15. xhdskip

    Head count for raa east 2018

    Hope everyone is doin good.
  16. xhdskip

    Hey guy's.... what do you think....???

    Nice little motorsicle.
  17. xhdskip

    New boy

    Welcome aboard. Don't have a trailer hitch but wanted to say hi anyways.
  18. xhdskip


    Sounds like a decent ride. What about it guys? Lupe? Skydog? I'll see if the Triclops needs another battery....
  19. xhdskip


    Yea Roadster. Gonna get one myself here pretty quick.
  20. xhdskip


    Ray, You inflated the tires all by yourself? Without adult supervision? Oh yea, you said the wife was there. Smart move on your part buddy, never can tell what might happen. No snow here, just a real heavy frost, so might be able to take the Triclops out after church today myself. Take care, skip