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  1. Boony

    New to me Rocket III

    Welcome from down the road in Adelaide. I have had both a 140 and 150 size front tyres. I have Avon Cobra Chromes (a 150 front). These are the best tyres I have used on the Rocket. Great grip and easily the best handling of any tyres I have tried.
  2. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    Correct. The bike is incredibly stable and the handling feels noticeably better.
  3. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    I agree. The difference is amazing.
  4. Boony

    Another Aussie

    Welcome from Adelaide. Where are you?
  5. Boony

    Gday from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

    Welcome from Adelaide. Nice bike!
  6. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    After running the Exedra Max for my last three changes, I prefer the Chrome. The bike has more stability and gives me more confidence in the twisties. For me the Chrome is the better choice.
  7. Boony

    Fires in OZ - The Man in the Tin Shed

    It sounds like you have been reading a Murdoch newspaper! Many of the fires have been caused by lightning. Most are of unknown cause. Only a small number have been caused by arson. Bad that any were caused by arson though...
  8. Boony

    Hi from Down Under

    Welcome from Adelaide. Enjoy the new toy!
  9. Boony

    Fires in OZ - The Man in the Tin Shed

    I am in South Australia (as is Neville). Whilst we have had it quite bad as has Western Australia, the most serious fires are on the east coast. New South Wales and Victoria are bearing the brunt of the fires. Queensland is not quite as bad at the moment. Remember that this is near the beginning...
  10. Boony

    Paint Colors

    My absolute favorite color. I saw this picture on the internet somewhere and downloaded it for future reference.
  11. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    I think you will like it. :cool:
  12. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    I replaced the rear Bridgestone with the Cobra Chrome before a trip last month. The new tyre seemed better than the Bridgestone. A week ago I replaced the front Avon Cobra 140 with a Cobra Chrome 150. So now both the front and rear are Cobra Chromes. As a combination they are easily the best...
  13. Boony

    Ducati Streetfighter V4 teaser released

    The new Superduke will be displayed in about two weeks. Hopefully an improved version. Otherwise the Streetfighter is going to have it their own way.
  14. Boony

    New to the Rocket III experience

    Welcome from Adelaide, South Australia.
  15. Boony

    Last batch of R3 JBQs

    Just purchased one.
  16. Boony

    Rocket R and Rocket GT video

    I am 60 and like the bike too. Especially the GT.
  17. Boony

    Interesting read, further down

    Throw in one corner though.....
  18. Boony

    Coolant Leak Part 2

    I was getting nowhere until I spoke to a riding buddy who is a Volvo mechanic. He gave me some suggestions (including lending me a tool). I think this tool would have worked, but his second suggestion seems to have solved the problem. The first suggestion involved prying off the old part with...
  19. Boony

    Burnt a(nother) hole in my right pant leg - ideas ?

    Welcome to the club. I ended up adding a couple of heat shields. These are cheap (from China) but make a big difference and don't look too bad. I got them from Ebay Australia. I am sure you can get them from too. Carbon Fiber Exhaust Muffler Pipe Heat Shield Cover Heel Guard for...
  20. Boony

    Coolant Leak Part 2

    I found the thread. It doesn't fill me with hope. I have a friend who is a Volvo repairer (of all things). He says he may me able to help. I will call him tomorrow to arrange a time to look.