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  1. ody2002

    Revzilla Rocket 3 Daily Commute

    It’s always fun to see a rolling burnout transition into a wheelie...
  2. ody2002

    Revzilla Rocket Video

  3. ody2002

    R3 Autobahn Acceleration Performance Video

    I came across an interesting video of a variety of acceleration tests for the R3 on the autobahn.
  4. ody2002

    DRL/Handlebar Switchgear

    I'm interested in having actual daytime running lights per the European models in that the headlights would be off while the DRL are on in lieu of the US-specced headlights always on. Looking at the parts fiche, it would appear that all I would need to do is swap out the left-hand switchgear...
  5. ody2002

    Scrolling Indicators

    The dealer's brochure mentions scrolling LED indicators as an accessory option. It doesn't appear those made it into the final line-up. Has anyone seen or heard of them? I'm assuming the Euro-specced indicators are not scrolling.
  6. ody2002

    Master Ignition Switch

    Hi all, new rocket owner here and I'm very pleased with the bike. It's definitely a revelation. I had a few questions regarding the master ignition switch (US specced bike). The dealer told me to leave the master ignition switch ON all the time, as it would drain the battery otherwise (this...