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  1. zenbiker

    Burnt on fabric softener!

    Once before and now again with my 2021 R# GT, if come home after a ride and found black spots on the header pipes (rear and middle). This happened with a Harley I had years ago and the baked on stuff is from the fabric softener used washing my jeans. It is the hardest MF...thing ever to remove...
  2. zenbiker

    Great Ride

    I have just put a few hundred miles on my new R3 GT after having hit a pack of deer on my last one which had only 150 miles on it! Many ICU days and hospital days! The bike is about perfect....Beautiful, comfortable, powerful and great handling!
  3. zenbiker

    For Sale New R3 Mirrors

    I have four (two sets ) completely unused and perfect bar end stock mirrors for the New Rockets. Looking for $100 per set. Will only sell in sets of two.
  4. zenbiker

    Strange Noise When Adjusting Preload

    I decided to increase the tension of my rear preload on my brand new R3 GT (50 miles on her). At some point turning up the tension I heard a fairly loud metallic "Clang". The bike did not drop down at all. I thought it might have been a valve stuck in a guide that decided to seat itself although...
  5. zenbiker

    New Bike...Just Down!

    Just received my new 2021 R3 GT. Breaking it in with 150 miles on it, hit a herd of deer and have been recuperating for about four weeks after having been thrown from the bike on a highway in NJ. Spent ICU and hospital time. Damage to the bike seems mainly cosmetic but I'm just not willing to...
  6. zenbiker

    For Sale Big Blue Lift with Adapters

    Selling a Big Blue lift with adapters for pre 2020 Rockets. Cost $800 and used a single time only. Stored indoors always. $400. 201-919-2176
  7. zenbiker

    Old/ New Member

    Was a member several years ago riding a Carpenter Racing modified R3. I sold the bike a year ago but have very recently purchased a new 2021 R3 GT. I love the new look and the increased performance stats as well as the electronic advances. The Carpentered bike was scary fast but the upgraded...
  8. zenbiker

    For Sale Carpenter "208 kit" 2007 Rocket III - New Jersey

    I'm selling my Carpenter Racing enhanced 2007 R3 Classic. Red and black in perfect condition. Always in heated garage. No chips, no scratches, no dings. Synthetic special Amsoil changes every 3000 miles! 208 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno (have sheets) and only 3000 miles on the full...
  9. zenbiker

    Unkown Indiicator Light

    On my 2007 R3 Classic. there is an indicator light that is staying on (orange) located at the bottom left of the left side pod ( speedometer). It is orange an right next to an engine graphic. What is this!? Another question: While changing my rear brake pads, I displaced some strange looking...
  10. zenbiker

    Big Problem

    My 2007 Carpentered bike has been performing perfectly until today. I started it up and immediately, the normal sequence was different. Usually it is a rev to 2000 rpm and then a settle down to just under 1000 rpm. seemed dead with no revving and actually died once or twice. Today..The...
  11. zenbiker

    Roadster Windshield

    Can someone please tell me the dimensions of the Roadster windshield?
  12. zenbiker

    Locked ECU

    Fast summary: I took my Carpentered R3 to the dyno man for tuning after changing my exhaust system to Rebands from Jardines. He has the Tuneboy program and I have the cable. He was able to change the timing one time but on another try to advance timing, the program would not connect and the bike...
  13. zenbiker

    Strange Icons With No Starting

    The 2007 Carpentered Classic is up on the dyno but suddenly will not start. All lights, horn and instruments seem fine. Tried pulling in the clutch, raising the side stand but nothing at all happens when the starter button is hit. Inside the odometer window, on the right, are two flashing...
  14. zenbiker

    Exhaust System Help

    I recently went down on my R3 2007 Classic. Among other things damaged, my Jardine exhaust was damaged. The bike has the Carpenter full kit installed and so i need free flowing exhausts. Jardine is no longer producing the system so I need a replacement system. The TORS are no longer available...
  15. zenbiker

    Rear Shock Length

    Is the eye to eye rear shock length on the stock 07 Classic 12" or 12 1/2"? Thanks.
  16. zenbiker

    Jardine Exhausts

    I just received an e-mail from Supertrapp / Kerker/ Jardine which included the Jardines, now available, from that company. They now offer chrome, blacked out and down slash and slash cut mufflers for the R3 with the full system (heat shields as well). Good news for us!
  17. zenbiker

    Black Engines

    I've read references to the black engine bikes being superior to the aluminum ones. Any truth to this and if so, what are the differences? Thanks.
  18. zenbiker

    Led Lights

    LED Lights Harley LED lights. A direct fit. No mods needed. Just leave the plugs for the parking lights alone and remove the bulbs. Fantastic upgrade. I can see at night for real. Like daylight! Truly WHITE LIGHT! $702 for the pair. Big bucks but if you ride at essential! I chose...
  19. zenbiker

    LED Lights

    Harley LED lights. A direct fit. No mods needed. Just leave the plugs for the parking lights alone and remove the bulbs. Fantastic upgrade. I can see at night for real. Like daylight! Truly WHITE LIGHT! $702 for the pair. Big bucks but if you ride at essential! I chose the blackout...
  20. zenbiker

    Headlight Discussions

    Our stock halogen headlights are marginal at best. HID lights are unfocused and worse than the stock setup IMHO. The HIDs are like a light bulb, bright and meaningless because there is no focus.. If you want REAL brilliant illumination, it will cost you. I just installed two 5 3/4" Harley LED...