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  1. Skelton Hogs

    Touring risers available

    Hey tourer's. I thought I'd better share this.. As you may or not know, the risers made by rivco are hard to come by these days. I found set in Montreal Canada for myself (1 set left) but with my search, I found another set. This company in the US is saying they have the rivco risers for the...
  2. Skelton Hogs

    Touring risers incognito

    Hello touring crew :) Searching and searching for risers and coming up with nothing that fits the 1" up / 2" back set up that is supposed to fit the touring without changing cables.. My back is killing me and I don't want to ride! Since rivco disc them, who's the new supplier? ALl I keep...
  3. Skelton Hogs

    Custom Wheels R3T ever seen these?

    Hi would anyone know if these wheels fit the R3T? Billet Wheels Thanks
  4. Skelton Hogs

    Want to Buy Custom Wheels '13 R3T

    Have 2013 R3T. Looking for Used NOT OEM wheels, diff sizes ok. If anyone knows someone with both font and rear please message me, Thanks!
  5. Skelton Hogs

    Success with LED

    Hi y'all just wanted to update you guys and gals that when switching over to LED brake lamps from OEM, the converter thing that they say is required to trick the ECU that more voltage is there when it's not in order to have it function properly is not actually required. I apologise I don't know...
  6. Skelton Hogs

    CAN Bus LED Bulbs or Regular??

    Hi y'all. Looking to.brighten up the indicators to LED. When ordering it's asking if I want CAN Bus LED Bulb Or regular LED bulbs Which one does the rocket T take? Mine is a 2013. Thanks
  7. Skelton Hogs

    Brake lights

    Fair gents Re r3T standard rear brake light... Can someone recommend a brighter alternate replacement bulb? I've only been able to find same. 100 thank yous
  8. Skelton Hogs

    New front forks?

    Hey. What are all you using to improve the gushy soft front suspension? Thanks Hogs
  9. Skelton Hogs


    Hey anyone know what to put in that awful gap in between the hard bags and the rear fender? Must be a 3" gap both sides. 2013 r3T.
  10. Skelton Hogs

    16" front tire to diff size??

    Ahoy mates. I have 16" tires front and rear on stock wheels. Any experience with with changing the size from 150-80/16 to 140-85/16? I am having challenges turning the bike at lower speeds and understand that a thinner tire helps make that easier.
  11. Skelton Hogs


    Hey family Guy here wife and 2 rascals. Live north of downtown Toronto Canada, own a foot clinic and sell real estate. Tell me wife we need milk and come home an hour later on the bike saying store was closed :D try to ride when ever where ever.