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  1. tino19625

    For Sale 2020 Rocket3 GT exhaust - asking $350 shipped anywhere in the USA

    2020 Rocket 3 GT stock Exhaust for sale - Seeing I don't know the value of this exhaust; make me an offer and you pay freight and prefer to keep it in the USA if possible] ....asking $350 shipped anywhere in the USA. I will never use it and would rather it not just sit on a shelf in my garage.
  2. tino19625

    Dyno'd my R3 GT

    I had my bike dyno'd last week and when I brought it in, it already had a DNK map installed on it. This dyno/tune was done on that map, this shop also doesn't work too well with tuning the ECU and added in a Power Commander 5, which was OK with me as I've used them before. The DNK map was...
  3. tino19625

    White Pearl Rocket 3

    This was a nice paint job and thought I'd share it - Merry Christmas everyone!! 🎅 YouTube
  4. tino19625

    Corbin Gunfighter for sale $500

    I had to purchase a dual seat so the wife could ride with me - with that, I'm selling this Corbin gunfighter seat that I just picked up this spring. I will take $500 USD [$200 off what I paid a few months ago] and will discuss shipping - PM if you're interested - thanks! I'll show receipt for...
  5. tino19625

    R3 top speed video

    I personally would have pushed harder,may just be me, but love the paint job...hence the share
  6. tino19625

    2020 Rocket 3 GT/R service manual

    I just added a post to resources for the service manual - it's a downloadable link and I'll keep it up for as long as I can; I didn't see it anywhere so hope the effort isn't duplicated.
  7. tino19625

    2020 Rocket GT - R service manual

    tino19625 submitted a new resource: 2020 Rocket GT - R service manual - broken down by page sections Read more about this resource...
  8. tino19625

    Bikes and breakfast

    Nice group locally, if you want to ride/chill for a morning - I went to the last one here and they have a few groups in other areas on the east coast of the US... Poolesville MD October 17 Sunday, October 17, 2021 9:00 AM 11:00 AM POOLESVILLE TOWNE CENTER19639 Fisher Avenue Poolesville, MD...
  9. tino19625

    Triumph Custom Parts - Rocket 3 R & GT Exhaust

    I searched for this Triumph Custom Parts exhaust and didn't find it, sorry if it's out there - but it's not so bad looking and pretty straight forward if anyone still in search of changing out their exhaust.
  10. tino19625

    New exhaust fabrication

    I'm in a FB group and there's a gent out there that's creating this exhaust, which I like. He has work to do on it but early stages show some promise - he did both sides and this is all I know now. I'd like to see it in other finishes but he did it for his black R3. He did cut out slot for...
  11. tino19625

    Color Codes for 2020 GT - Storm Grey

    Anyone know the color code for this? I want to see if trikstore can paint this rear fender to match, instead of the black - the searches I've done only show the black... Full Rear Mudguard Gloss Black Gel Coat [FRM001GB] - £349.00 : TRIK Custom Motorcycle Parts, Made in Great Britain
  12. tino19625

    Looking for step-by-step instructions - exhaust

    Anyone have step-by-step instructions for 2021 GT exhaust removal [really what I need] they can share? I don't want to do too much with trying to get the right parts out of the way - thanks in advance!
  13. tino19625


    New to the forum so just saying "hey"! I'm in the US in WV close to the DC line... if any groups around this area get together