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  1. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Air Filter Change

    I would like to have the stock filter to make a filter box for my little Rocket. Do you have any plans for it ?
  2. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **(Found One)** Need new/gently used drive shaft for Roadster/Touring #T1270700

    Cootertwo your drive shaft needs that spring in it to keep the coupler at the back of the engine tight to the shaft and bearing. Please take the time to refit it as soon as you can. You will be glad you did.
  3. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Penner map is restricted?

    @Penner have you made an up-dated tune that does eliminate the speed limiter ?
  4. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **SOLD** PWR Radiators - (read on - could be more)

    @Kevin frazier do these radiators have a larger capacity then the OEM ? Are they thicker too ?
  5. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Sump plate gasket

    I recently replaced mine while doing my performance up-rate kit. Installed it dry.
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    2 tire options, which one

    You can source them from other dealers not just Triumph dealers. I buy mine from Rocky Mountain ATV and take my wheels off myself and then have them installed at a local dealer. Mount and balance just $15 each.
  7. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    2 tire options, which one

    Stay with the Avons. Much Better corner carving.
  8. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Scratched Gas Tank - Recommendation?

    While you are waiting for a good correct repair, you could use a few drops of clear finger nail polish in the scratch to keep moister out.
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Scratched Gas Tank - Recommendation?

    So whats another $25K then ???
  10. Idaho Red Rocket 3


    Welcome back. Missed you. Let the fun begin.
  11. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    200 HP Chase Begins

    First start was done with the dyno tune I have been successfully running for years. Next we installed the tune Neville sent. All was the same. I believe the TUNE is NOT where the problem lies. You have all given me some real good things to run down. Will be getting to it this weekend...
  12. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    200 HP Chase Begins

    I did have it plugged in for most of the time. and I did plug it back in. No change either way. I did get a code on TuneECU when I had it unplugged. Otherwise no codes have come up. No Check Engine Light either.
  13. Idaho Red Rocket 3


    Maurice do you plan to have a conversation with Powerbronze ?
  14. Idaho Red Rocket 3


    Those guys are Butt Wipes. The used kind.
  15. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    TTS Supercharger

    THAT IS BEAUTIFUL. How did you get it so compact ? Love it.
  16. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    200 HP Chase Begins

    Did not remove/replace main bearings. Did not split the case.
  17. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online

    No. Just thanking him for the community. Speed limiters should not be allowed.
  18. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Insurance, full coverage vs liability..

    After a wind storm get your roof replaced then drop them.
  19. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Cat Removal Questions

    No... Yes...Yes. With proper tuning you can make a significant change to HP/TQ that you can feel in the butt dyno. Particularly on the Touring. On your 2006 R3 look at the side of the cat box to see if it has the letter "N" or the letter "C". The N cat box has NO element in it and needs...
  20. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    An observation...

    My wife and I notice every time we take the Porsche on a road trip, it is always the Toyota and Honda mini vans blowing our doors off.