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  1. RocketRider

    Accessories for the new R3 ?

    Hello. Look like you mounted this on a 2.5 litre bike. I love the Steibel but cant find any info on separating it. Would love to see pics if you would please.
  2. RocketRider

    Power port to USB?

    Not ordering, shipping doubles the price to continues
  3. RocketRider

    Power port to USB?

    Thanks for the reply..ordering
  4. RocketRider

    Power port to USB?

    Has anyone tried this Mini Sound Bomb on the R3GT? On a previous bike -Honda VFR, I installed a Steibel Nautilus, it drew too much and fried the Stator on a long trip, was a PIA while half a continent away from home
  5. RocketRider

    GT is Fabulous, Panniers Suck

    Post here please, I would love to see what youve done
  6. RocketRider

    Fehling made German crash bars in Black and Chrome are on special in UK and a real bargain with free delivery in UK at least.

    Im very interested. Could you show some pics of them mounted please
  7. RocketRider

    Luggage system

    So Did you do a trip? Im pondering my luggage for next summer for my 3GT. Id appreciate your experiences with that