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  1. mully95

    Easiryder pull behind

    I couldn't find a non Facebook video but this seems to be a neat way of "trailering" a motorcycle.
  2. mully95

    Gadgetman Groove and real advances in engine technology

    Have you guys seen this? Apparently it makes a tremendous gain in fuel mileage on any vehicle with EFI. Seems simple enough to groove the throttle body. Has some other videos that are testimonials of people that have applied the groove. I have a Dodge ram that doesn't get good gas mileage and...
  3. mully95

    Exhaust Science

    Ran across this in another forum: Auto Exhaust Science I have not read it all word for word but will. Talks on automotive engines rather than motorcycle engines but both do relate to one another. I like the part found in "Header Primary Pipe Diameters" " In practice though it is better...
  4. mully95

    Motorcyclist friend of mine died today

    With a sad heart I have to say that I lost a friend today in a motorcycle accident. He was a coworker and good friend of mine. We would ask each other every morning inside work "Did you ride your bike today?"We rode together in a Toys for Tots parade not long ago. This hits home really hard...
  5. mully95

    Brake squeal observation

    Hello fellow rocketeers! Got a question..... the pads on my bike are EBC double H brake pads in the front and rear positions. Been running these since I started replacing them back years ago. EBC has a bedding in procedure in which I can vouch that it made the brake pads work better. Read at...
  6. mully95

    This is NOT how to ride a motorcycle

    Two bikes collide on The Dragon..... the photographer caught the whole thing. Glad they had helmets because the guy on the Harley looking bike hit his head on the pavement.
  7. mully95

    Brake squeal

    I have a small problem with brake squeal when I apply the brakes at a stop light. Just about the time I'm ready to put my foot down the brakes squeal. I have had the problem with the front doing this for a while hoping it would quit but has not. I have about half of life left on the front and...
  8. mully95

    Defective ECUs in 2014 and 2015 year models

    I'm not sure this even applies to the Roadster or Touring models but thought I would post this up just in case. The article doesn't specially state which models are affected but did list two motorcycles. Triumph Issues Recall Over Defective ECU | ColumnM
  9. mully95

    You're having a bad day when.......

    .... this is what you see coming at you around a curve.
  10. mully95

    SC,GA,TN,NC, riders.... maybe ride this weekend?

    Kind of late to do this but thought maybe we can get together and do some riding...eating. It's going to be a rain free weekend and of course most will be off work Monday. Just chime in and see if we can set a meeting place, time, day, etc.... Thanks
  11. mully95

    Help me find bar end mirrors

    As of the moment I have the black Triumph tear drop mirrors on my Roadster. They vibrate like crazy and have not liked them since day one. I have tried to remedy the situation but that went over like a fart in church. Read here for the debacle...
  12. mully95

    Changing brake fluid on ABS bike?

    I'm in the process of changing out the brake fluid on my Roadster with ABS. I was hoping to get ALL the fluid out and replace with new. In order to do so from my understanding I will need to bleed the ABS and that requires activating the solenoids in the ABS. I was wondering if this works with...
  13. mully95

    Advise on mirror installation needed

    Since installing the black Triumph mirrors I have had vibration to the point where I can't see in them clearly at most RPMS . I decided to take them off and see what the problem was or try to find a better way of installing them so they will not vibrate. What I found was the tolerance rings...
  14. mully95

    Distracted driver hits four motorcycles

    Unbelievable!! She didn't even hit the brakes!
  15. mully95

    Failed motorcycle road test today

    I took a motorcycle road test today and failed it. First time ever taking the test. I have been riding on a permit since I have been riding motorcycles. I took it on the Roadster and just could not keep it off the line on the sharp turn part of the test. Turning right or left. One time I had to...
  16. mully95

    For Sale 2010 Black Roadster OEM shocks

    I have a ad on ebay for selling my stock Roadster shocks if anyone is interested on here. If you're interested in these shocks and don't want to go through ebay then just send me a PM and we can wheel and deal that way. Thanks 05 13 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic Roadster Shocks Stock Pair | eBay
  17. mully95

    Craftsman Motorcycle Lift

    Here is my trusty Craftsman motorcycle lift. I trust this lift or my bike would not be on it at all. This is before removing the back tire. Just to let you know that there is a good lift for sale that will lift our bikes and not cost a ton of money. I have had both tires off at one time while...
  18. mully95

    Confused about sissy bar and backrest pad

    I'm interested in getting a sissy bar and backrest for my 2010 Roadster. I realize there is a short sissy bar and a tall one. I guess I'll go ahead and get the tall one for the most support for my girlfriend but was wondering what it actually looks like on a Roadster. All the pictures I find is...
  19. mully95

    Cranking problem???

    I rode my 2010 Roadster to work the other day and had a problem cranking it before leaving work to come home. I would hit the start button and it would backfire through the throttle bodies and shut off... over and over. The battery started to die and I thought I have to do something different...
  20. mully95

    Where to find a add on, comfortable, wide, rear pillion seat?

    I need to find a comfortable wide pillion seat for my girlfriend. She is not happy with the stock pillion seat on my Roadster in which I don't blame her. What I'm interested in is a seat that is taller, wider and is just an add on seat. I don't want to spend $600 on a pillion seat because I know...