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  1. Tal

    New Exhaust w. Ram Air Kit - Need Help picking

    Kenny....Not only is Pauls work magnificent workmanship...he understands how the flow etc works in an Exhaust system...he's been around bikes since he was a puppy and has been designing and constucting bike stuff since Adam was a cowboy!...You wont be sorry.
  2. Tal

    New Exhaust w. Ram Air Kit - Need Help picking

    The biggest restriction on releasing the power is the headers. If you look at the headers you will see they exit the head and immediately turn down. If you can imagine the flow of exhaust gas being forced to turn you will understand. Putting Ramair or k&n filters on to allow more air going in...
  3. Tal

    Crossover pipe

    On the dyno jet dyno my bike showed 135 RWHP with Triple K&N's...Power Commander and Jardine headers and cans. On another dyno which was older...i got 153 RWHP...??....i prefer to believe the Dynojet as they are pretty accurate.
  4. Tal

    2014 Jardines

    I have a complete stock system in my shed...headers...shields...cans...everything...rode around 100 kms with them from new....trouble in NZ.... I'de do a swap ...shipping would hurt i spose.
  5. Tal

    Crossover pipe

    pretty sure his HP is crank...yours is RWHP......add 15% to yours and you'll get crank.
  6. Tal

    Passenger Backrest

    Just been listed on Trademe here in NZ Triumph Rocket III Sissy Bar Luggage Rack Kit Listing #: 2723040646 Katikati, Bay of Plenty, NZ...
  7. Tal

    Locked ECU

    Im hearin what Sonny is saying......unleashing power is very satisfying. For me the new Rocket is a beautiful machine...thought this from the moment i saw the first leaked photos and was excited about it being released. As far as 'Releasing'Horsepower, im thinking someone will crack the egg...
  8. Tal

    Been Thinking About Another Bike gotta write down a couple of things m8. 1st page,,,,Rocket x....things you like about it on one side of the page and things you dont like about it beside that...two columns. Then, do the same with other potential will get it all out of your head and onto
  9. Tal

    Crossover pipe

    Mr Horse Sir.....Tors✔....crossover cat delete pipe..✔see Viking exhaust...(Paul Bryant) does a real nice one of these..K&N filters..✔...PCV with a dyno tune....some will say get auto tune on it which helps alot if youre changing altitude alot...✔...she will run like hot butter... PM Paul Bryant...
  10. Tal

    Dyno tuning

    My mileage at the end of my dyno tune...with the mods i added etc. was 15 kilometers per litre of fuel...on a normal. everyday tupe ride...110-120 kph in the good bits. At 140kph you will lose the bike and licence over here.
  11. Tal

    Dyno tuning

    So...Walking Tall is talking RWHP...not crank... I did very much the same as he did on my '16 Roadster...I had Tors but changed them for Jardine header and cans....triple k&n's...PCV...deleted the o2 sensor. Put her on a dyno jet dyno....aimed at getting the air/fuel ratio nice and even...added...
  12. Tal

    David Platt vs Competition Werkes Exhaust know i would...but is a bit too short m8!...
  13. Tal

    David Platt vs Competition Werkes Exhaust

    ...been tol that trumpys have a 15% tolerance in their tune. If you change cans...its within the 15%...if you change the air intake...its within the 15%....but, if you change both the air intake and the exhaust system...then you need to change the i'm tol....🤔🤔
  14. Tal

    Install 3 K&N kit question

    The AIT sensor (Air Intake Sensor) measures the air temperature entering the throttle bodies so it needs to be situated as close to the throttle bodies as you can get it so as not to alter the tune. The bulbous end on the AIT sensor is susceptible to damage. I purchased a small filter and fitted...
  15. Tal

    useful suggestions

    ...ide just go with it!!!....
  16. Tal

    David Platt vs Competition Werkes Exhaust

    you cannot get a Power Commander for the 2020 Rockets yet...
  17. Tal

    Show us your TRIUMPH tattoo

    ..."no 'arm in it mate!"..sides, i'm advertising their product!
  18. Tal

    taming the 310 whp Supercharged Rocket 3 R

    ....and step it out to see how far 138mph covers in 1 sec ......its about 65yds...give or take.
  19. Tal

    Show us your TRIUMPH tattoo

  20. Tal

    For Sale Paul Bryant total dual exhaust for sale

    ...F**K yeah!! bloody hens teeth as Paul is VERY busy!!!...If you want quality workmanship...look no further!!
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