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  1. sonny

    My Birthday Present - "name this bike" ;-)

    Yes but most custom bikes of that era had the front brake removed. Kind of like throwing the front forks out as far as you can. None of it made much sense.
  2. sonny

    Avon Cobra Chrome recall

    Bike Bandit sucks. Hermy's of P.A. is much better. I buy my tires from J.P. Cycles. The tire dates are always fresh. Some of the discount web sites offer tires at a good price but they are old tires.
  3. sonny

    Locked ECU

    Am very happy with my Rocket X. By far the best bike i have ever owned. 66,990 miles and still running strong. Never seen a shop. Did get a dyno last summer. 168 horse but do not remember the torque. Not the fastest or greatest but it suits me well. Have a decent day bag which carries all the...
  4. sonny


    At least with a hurricane you get time to prepare. Stay save folks.
  5. sonny

    Locked ECU

    I am nether Jealous or a Inexperience rider. If you must result to that level so be it. I on the other hand will not. The facts remain that finding a service manual for the bike is difficult and tuning for the time being is out of the question. Time will tell. Am not impressed with the bike at...
  6. sonny

    Locked ECU

    Do you believe the average guy who bought one has such resources. ? Really?
  7. sonny

    2020 Rocket oil filter

    Genuine WIX filters. Made for Triumph Motorcycles what a deal. Guessing you still do not get it. You can get it cheaper made by the same company by ordering it direct. Man i give up.
  8. sonny

    Locked ECU

    There is no way i would buy a bike with a locked ECU. That would take all the fun out of it. No matter what you try to do to the bike your screwed. No way To re-tune after mods. Kind of left out in the cold. One of the pleasures of owning a bike is all the different ways you can set it up...
  9. sonny

    Did the first service...

    Well that make sense.
  10. sonny

    2020 Rocket oil filter

    Guess who makes the OEM filter for even you high and mighty folks. You must remember that Triumph does not Make oil filters. They buy them from a subcontracting company. That will be WIX filters of Poland. You can purchase the same filter from any auto retailer here in the states made in the...
  11. sonny

    Sturgis 2020

    Got invited to go to run this year. Thought about it. Decided it is not a real good idea. Funny the club that invited me to ride also decided it was not a good idea. They lost their vice president and master at arms to Covid-19. Had a M.I. R. done today. The sweet looking lady who checked me in...
  12. sonny

    Gutted my mufflers

    I just replaced the hole system. Works for me. Lots of torque in the low and mid range. Plus the cams kind of complement the hole system along with the ramair. No bragging rights. Is a bit fun in the legal range of riding on the highways.
  13. sonny

    Six years with the Roadster, what next ?

    Been waiting myself but from the looks of it Triumph has no clue that there are a lot of folks like ourselves who would spend the money on one. Instead they go for the slick 2500 GT. May be OK for some folks nothing wrong with it but i ain't spending my money on it.
  14. sonny

    Clutch fibers and plates compatibility

    The Barnett system works really well for a stock or semi built bike. I have over 30,000 miles on my Barnett pads and plates along with springs. Easy pull on clutch and works much better than the stock system with weak springs. Very easy to order complete kit on line. Our bike's are listed.
  15. sonny

    Clutch fibers and plates compatibility

    Barnett makes a complete kit. Go to their website.
  16. sonny

    The drifting touring

    I am not a fan of gizmo's but have to admit i like the ABS brakes. Saved my rear more than once or twice.
  17. sonny

    Been Thinking About Another Bike

    locktite makes some good stuff. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  18. sonny

    Crossover pipe

  19. sonny

    140 Front Tire

    Yes and i like it. Much better handling on the highway vice the 140. The 140 is great in the turns but here in Oklahoma turns are far and few. The 150 runs better at highway speeds 75 to 80 miles per hour. Not sure if it is related but wheel bearings seem to last longer running stock tire sizes.
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