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  1. Joesmoe

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    No wonder she was wearing an ear-to-ear smile that said, "I LOVE this place!"
  2. Joesmoe

    RAA East 2020 West Virginia

    How did you come to interact with her ? (just curious)
  3. Joesmoe


    Have updated the first post here and there with the date and route reference.
  4. Joesmoe


    What is "PAIR" in this context ?
  5. Joesmoe


    My hat is off to you sir.
  6. Joesmoe

    Circuit breakers for the Rocket ?

    Please help me visualize this. From your description, these are not cute little devices in the form factor of the Rocket's present mini fuses, with a cute little reset button on top. Might you share how you wired these into your bike's electrical system ?
  7. Joesmoe

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    Congratulations ! This one too is a new one on me. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Joesmoe


    FWIW, TuneECU is available in special versions to known tuners, and at least, allow taller RPM limits. Normal TuneECU will allow no RPM higher than 7,000. Carpenter second and third packages with stronger crank and valve train go to 9,000, or so I'm told. No hardware lock of which I'm aware.
  9. Joesmoe

    Circuit breakers for the Rocket ?

    @Gerald Saw your post on Kevin's Furloughed trip, and thought I would start a thread here, asking for your experience with the circuit breakers - what led you to that choice - any pros and cons - and where to get them ?
  10. Joesmoe

    Sliding wheel chock

    That looks great ! Have you a link for the chock ?
  11. Joesmoe

    Sahara dust storm......

    These blow the other direction too -- across the Red Sea and into the middle east - experienced these when I was in Baghdad - sand got in everything - your nose, your eyes, your food, your clothes. Interesting place to visit -- wouldn't want to live there. ;-)
  12. Joesmoe


    "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal."
  13. Joesmoe

    Front brake caliper assembly

    Is that not in the manual this is available in the signature block of every single one of thousands of posts by @idk ?
  14. Joesmoe


    Wow, in-line fuse, how does that happen ? Challenge with reinstallation of the engine ? Happy to overnight a part to you if that would help.
  15. Joesmoe

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    Gentlemen: Please, let's get back on topic. @PaddyO did some things, and the bike won't start. He, being human, quickly blames the most recent thing. The beauty of this site, is we have the collective experience, and are not feeling the immediate frustration of a no-start machine, to ponder...
  16. Joesmoe

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    Coleman Powersports - Woodbridge location. The service manager there, Greg, is really good, and left Motomember (Manassas Honda Suzuki Kawasaki) several years ago.
  17. Joesmoe

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    At least one of the motorcycle dealers around here uses that system - bike is run on the local Dynajet, remote analysis and map provision, which the dealer then installs.
  18. Joesmoe

    Bike won't start after Resource ECU map installed - Solved

    I would first suspect the battery, a near universal first check when all the electrics seem otherwise ok. Good luck.
  19. Joesmoe

    For Sale 2.5L Rocket III Stroker Kits

    ... or, having "gotten there", I want 6th to relax after the excitement.
  20. Joesmoe

    BBC News: Norton Motorcycles: Former owner told to repay millions

    Ex-Norton Motorcycles owner told to repay millions
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