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  1. Thedogsbollocks

    1st time with tune ECU

    It’s a bloody miracle...I used tune ecu for the 1st time yesterday and seems it went well. question , I have PCV / AT. To fine tune I’m thinking... Install zero map in PCV ? How utilize AT - do I I put a target AFR in? If yes should this be same as on my new tune ecu map? I'm going to...
  2. Thedogsbollocks

    Omg not again...

    YUP another tune post ...but a quickie I hope. Is it me or have a lot of tunes now gone from resourses? To avoid another tune post Ive looked and cant find the one I want. My set-up K&N air delete / DP outlaw exhaust on 2016 Roadster - Can anyone send me or tell where a great tune for this set...
  3. Thedogsbollocks

    Phone / GPS ram mount

    I’ve seen some of you clever Guys have tucked your RAM phone/GPS mounts behind the fly screen. Anyone have an idiots guide “how to” do this for me? Thanks!
  4. Thedogsbollocks

    Using Tuneecu and PCV/at

    Current set up 2018 R3 Roadster / Ram air / DP outlaws/ PCV and AT. Thank to all of you Guys as I installed all this my self lol. Probably the bravest thing I’ve ever done!...could not have attempted this without you. Now my question. I want to now install a new tune via Tune ecu. This is a...
  5. Thedogsbollocks

    It’s got to me

    recently I’ve been go at by the huge number of posts here and on Facebook etc etc shouting how unreliable Rockets are. To date I’ve simply put this down to the noisy minority as always....but... Take a Harley as a comparison...Are our bike in the grand scheme of things poor when it comes to...
  6. Thedogsbollocks

    ‘Balance’ exhaust gases exiting question

    Quick question regarding an open cross over pipe. How important is it that the exhaust is balanced that the gases are made to exit equally split between left and right pipe. With the DP pipe for example the left hand side exhaust gets soot the right not. ( not too much just darkens the...
  7. Thedogsbollocks

    Calling Florida captains...license plate Question

    so , some debate over the issue of side mounted license plate mounted vertically. There seem to be an issue with the law and the application of it. The law says you can mount your license plate vertically IF you also have a prepaid toll pass on the bike. Looking into this though and after...
  8. Thedogsbollocks

    Phone mounting behind ?

    any of you ingenious guys come up with a way of mounting your phone / gps beind the fly screen above the clocks? I can’t figure out a way to get the phone mount in this behind the screen position. Any ideas?
  9. Thedogsbollocks

    Anyone off to Daytona?

    never been...thought I might give it ago. Anyone else going or thoughts after having gone before?
  10. Thedogsbollocks

    Tires...weights or Balls!

    Recent posts around ham fisted techs damaging wheels when changing tires made me want to ask... What’s the teams view on using ‘beads’ inside tire as opposed to lead weights on the outside of wheels? ( I think they are called beads)
  11. Thedogsbollocks

    Dyno skills - If they’re good does specific Rocket exp. matter?

    ~ was talking in messages with a couple of fellow captains and we thought this might be a valid general question about having a Rocket dyno’d. Living in an area that is the most diehard Harley country you could imagine, I cannot find anyone with specific experience tuning a Triumph or any...
  12. Thedogsbollocks

    Just in case helpful to any looking for a last chance R3...FYI

    They are quoting $10k...
  13. Thedogsbollocks

    Quick question for my U.S friends..

    just a quicky...I moved to Florida perminantly this year. My wife started and took her test , passed and left with a little yellow card that was her ‘ pass her test card’ and some other things , booklet s stickers etc. Anyway...we then had to return to the UK for 2 months to arrange shipping of...
  14. Thedogsbollocks

    Auto tune clarification

    ok...idiotic question...maybe....I just read the PCV AT instructions carefully again. With regard to accepting trims it mearly says ‘ To accept trims choose ‘accept trims’ from the drop down menu. ‘The trims are then sent to the PCV and the changes are made to the map’ or words to that effect...
  15. Thedogsbollocks

    How much is too much PCV and Auto tune

    I installed a PCV and auto tune following fitting DP shorties and airbox delete. I’ve probably gone in and accepted the trims about 5 times over a 500 / 600 mile distance. So far I’m pretty pleased with the results. I still have couple of cells over the 5% trim....anyway...I’ve just read that...
  16. Thedogsbollocks

    Cropped rear fender

    so , I’ve been working on a new rear fender...looking good too. I’ll post pics soon. Quick laughing... Licence plate bracket...any recommendations on what and where to get a license plate bracket? Know sounds silly but it’s a made from scratch fender with integrated rear light. I...
  17. Thedogsbollocks

    Received this from Tampa dealer and link to Daily Herald ( UK)

    So much for every ‘ informed source’...looks like a complete brand repositioning or refocus on what Triumph wants to be known for. Cruisers isn’t one of them....looks like we’ve all suddenly become owners of an iconic classic....just hope I don’t wreak it or have it stolen’s...